Trends for Every Salesperson

Every profession goes through changes, especially sales. A certain sales technique may have worked in the past, but that doesn’t mean it’ll work today. To be a top-performing salesperson today and in the future, you must continuously adapt to both market and social conditions.

There are several new business trends taking place—all of which affect salespeople in every industry. Understand what the trends are and how to maximize them so you can maintain a successful sales career.


People who are in sales long-term tend to be successful. However, success is your worst enemy. Being at the top and doing well means you’re just trying to keep up and meet demand. You’re not looking at future opportunities because you’re busy reaping the rewards of current ones. The old saying “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” should be reworked today to state, “If it works, it’s obsolete.” If you just bought the latest device, odds are that the newer, better version is already in existence and about to be released to the public. We must evolve to stay ahead of rapid obsolescence in business.


While it’s human nature to protect the status quo, you have to understand that technology is changing the future, customers’ behavior, and your company’s reality. If you don’t change, you’ll be out of a job. As a salesperson, you need to embrace change wholeheartedly rather than resist and hold tight to the past. Spend some time thinking about where these impactful changes are headed. Change causes uncertainty in customers’ minds, so you bring certainty to them when you display confidence in change.


Time is becoming more important to people, because we have an aging demographic of Baby Boomers in the United States. Time gets more valuable as you get older because you have less of it. The world is more complex, with much more for people to do with their time. With so much going on, everyone is increasingly strapped for time. As a salesperson, make your customers feel that talking to you is actually saving them time. The list of time wasters is virtually endless, and these hurt your sales and profits. Prove that you’re a time saver and people will choose you over the competition.


Many salespeople rely on static marketing tools like company websites, flyers, and sales letters. These methods are a one-way interface. The better way is to have your sales messages be dynamic. For example, you could have a contest that encourages people to go to your site and enter. Instead of just telling people to buy your snack product, you can encourage customers to go online and vote for the next new flavor, getting them involved. The key is to generate communication, engagement, and involvement through your sales and marketing efforts. Don’t just hand out information; you want to listen, speak, and create dialogue to capture your prospects’ interest.


Almost every salesperson has been told to be proactive by taking positive action. Unfortunately, you must wait and see to know if a certain action is positive. Instead, be pre-active to future known events. You need to look at your customer segment and identify what types of events you are certain they will experience, and focus your actions on what will be happening rather than on what is happening. Being pre-active also means that you change the way people think. When you put out a new product, it takes a while to catch on because you’re not actively changing the way people think about how the product can be used. Constantly educate your customers on the value you and your products or services offer.


Sell the future benefit of what you do. Most salespeople sell the current benefits to customers who already know what they are. Your goal as a salesperson should be to establish a long-term, problem-solving relationship with customers, not a short-term transaction. Your most profitable customer is a repeat customer, so help them realize the long-term benefit of your partnership. Show them how the products and services you offer will evolve with their needs by selling the evolution of your products and services. Sit down with your fellow salespeople to create a list of future benefits that you have for your customers, and then get an idea of where the product and service developers are heading to think of future benefits preemptively.


The more you understand and adapt to today’s current business trends, the better your sales will be—today and in the future.

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Welcome 2019!!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

I know I am a little late for this but I believe there is never late to wish,


I hope 2018 treated everyone well. It also treated me well and taught me a lot of things that are really important not only for your personal but also for professional growth.

Every day brings the joy of living with it, a joy of life, a joy we all always wanted. But what is missing is the enthusiasm to welcome that joy and eventually a “HAPPY NEW YEAR”, turns to “What is so extra-ordinary about this year?”

I know this happens. Everyone partied hard, some took resolutions which are never going to be taken care of and some just started the New Year thanking God for life and enough food for that particular night.

So let us make this year extra-ordinary by not doing what we did for the last many years. Here is a to-do list for an extra-ordinary 2019.

Be thankful

Yes exactly. Be thankful for everything in life. Life is the most priceless gift we all have got from the Almighty. So, rather than complaining about the hardships that you go through every day, try to think of it as the ladder to happiness and success. Hardships are a part of every person’s life. What counts is how well you take them and boast your life in spite of those.

Aim to grow

Aim high and keep growing. Aiming to grow is not only based on the profession but also personal and it will happen only with constant effort and the curiosity to learn. Try and grow in the field of your choice. You might have a formal degree in engineering or medicine or you might be a chartered accountant, if you are not happy with your job profile, take efforts towards changing it to something you are good at.


Life is a perfect teacher for each one of us, it depends how good we students are to take the lessons positively. 2019 is going to be a year where constant learning is going to matter. With a lot of technological advancement, it has become extremely important that you to stay updated, so in the long run, you do not become obsolete. Learning is the only way to build a perfect future in this fast-paced world.

Stay away from peer pressure

Peer pressure is something our generation is struggling to stay away from. I have friends who are doing and buying things only because someone else in his/her group owns it. The truth is people who own certain things have either earned it or struggling hard to sustain that lifestyle. We all should see the hard work and efforts taken to sustain a rich lifestyle by people rather than just seeing the materialistic gains they have.

So, if you spend the New Year’s at your place with your parents, there is nothing to be ashamed or be disappointed. The joy of spending your new year with parents is totally different.

So stay away from peer pressure and make your own path. You never know the path of hardships may bring you to a place better than where your peers are right now.

Calm down

Do not rush towards anything, be it life goals, career goals or monetary and material goals. Do not fall for unreasonable claims of becoming rich since there is no shortcut to earning a lot of money. The only way to earn money is to be good at what you do, because if you are the best, people are willing to pay the amount you quote without negotiation.

The best example is the Apple iPhone. Every one of us wants to own an iPhone at least once in our lifetime, but we also know that it might take a whole lifetime to buy one. iPhone has built its reputation and quality, not in one single night, it is a result of constant efforts of a community. From engineers, programmers and CEO’s till the marketing team, everyone has one single goal and worked unitedly towards it.

So, if anything is meant to be for you, no one in the world can take it from you. Hence, stay calm, do what you do best and I am sure you will also emerge as one single force in the society.

 Work hard, party harder

Last, but not least.

Give your best at what you do, work hard, aim high and work towards it. Keep working hard, but prioritize work and life. Have a work-life balance.

Work-life balance is something many of us fail to maintain. We either work a lot or live a lot and forget to do the other one. Working is important, but make sure you rest well, enjoy life so that the work and life do not become monotonous.

Try doing things differently, try to innovate something, try to learn something new, and try to take a trip even if it is for a day or two. Do everything but do it in style.

Finally, I hope 2019 brings a lot and a lot of success and happiness to each and everyone reading this one and also to people whom you care for and your families.

Tell us in the comment below, how would you make your 2019 different than others and what are your New Year resolutions.

All the best everyone for a successful 2019.

Keep Smiling!!

Happy 2019 once again!!!