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Enhanced Oil Recovery Market Growth and Demand Forecast to 2024

The major trend being observed in the global enhanced oil recovery market is increased investments by companies to boost the production of oil and gas. Owing to the large-scale consumption of oil and gas, many market players are focusing on expanding their production capacity, mainly through the upgradation of existing wells, exploration of new wells, […] More

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Know the growth opportunities about Gas Meters Market

The growing utilization of gas (by residential and commercial installations) over conventional sources of energy, such as oil and fossil fuels, is identified as a major trend in the gas meters market. This shift is likely to open new areas of application for these meters as well as growth opportunities in related services, such as […] More

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Explore the Growth Potential of Biogas Market in coming years

Prominent market trends identified in the global biogas market include mergers and acquisitions between market players, and technology transfer by major companies to sustain or strengthen their market share. A number of these activities are supported by governments in order to reduce dependency on conventional energy sources and to reduce the threat from global warming […] More

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Research Study of Distributed Energy Generation Systems Market

Distributed energy generation system is a term which encompasses a diverse array of generation, storage, and energy monitoring and control solutions. This includes power generation, combined heat and power, energy storage (including electric vehicles), and distributed energy management systems. These systems can be tailored to meet specific requirements including cost reductions, energy efficiency, security of […] More

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Know the Growth factor about high voltage cables market

The major trend identified in the global high voltage cables market is the growth in energy infrastructure, coherent integration of energy efficient systems, and projects for centralization and decentralization of grids. This is likely to offer traction to the market. A high-voltage cable (HV cable) is used for electric power transmission at high voltage. The […] More

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