Storytime! From couch-surfer to award-winning CEO

Meet Arieann DeFazio.  She is the CEO and founder of Kitables, a company that breaks down barriers to DIY projects by offering accessible kits and hosting social DIY project building events. SheEO just named her one of the top 5 female CEO’s in the nation.   I got to meet up with Arieann for a

Selling Your Ideas Up: How to Overcome Objections and Get Your Ideas Approved

In an era of fiscal and time constraints, is it possible to sell your ideas to company leaders? Yes, but the success depends on how you frame the opportunity. The first step is to avoid talking about the idea itself. While that may sound strange, it’s the primary sales rule that most people break. You

Selling Innovation – The Spark

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Every innovation is born from a spark of creativity.  The spark can be for an entirely new product concept, refinement of an existing product, or radical re-design of a something that is already in the market.  The spark can come from years of experience in a particular industry, a dramatic personal experience, or just creative brilliance.  The one place a spark of innovation cannot come from is a vacuum. 

The journey of a startup entrepreneur

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Since I’ve been in the startup world lifestyle has transformed dramatically. A startup founder doesn’t have the same schedule and same priority has a professional does. Because we do stuff on their own and start a bunch of different from a solo entrepreneur who wants to provide food on his table only. Everyone wants to

Why you are not a leader if you can’t delegate

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Leadership cannot exist without delegation, and vice versa – this is symbiosis. A leader who refuses to delegate is not leading — he or she is hoarding. “I should have done it myself.” “I don’t trust anyone else to do it right.” “I don’t have the staff.” “I have the staff but they’re stretched too thin already.” While

Why You Might Want To Stop Motivating The People You Manage

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The following is adapted from The Motivation Trap: Leadership Strategies to Achieve Sustained Success Unless you’ve been living far away from the modern business environment for the past few decades, you’ll certainly be familiar with the idea that motivating employees is crucial for success. There are numerous different ways to motivate, but most involve one

Be a Pig, Not a Chicken

    The difference between being committed and being involved is easily illustrated by thinking about that eggs and bacon breakfast you had recently.  The chicken that laid those eggs was clearly involved, but that pig that created that bacon was committed. Success requires commitment – so be a pig not a chicken! Starting any

The Most Effective Work-Life Balance Advice

Here it is… STOP believing there’s one! Work-Life balance is a lie, a myth, and unattainable. Was that too harsh? Let’s try a different approach. There’s no such thing as work-life balance (I don’t think that made it better, either). Before you click the back button or before you flag this article, read on a

Snap, Crackle, Pop

Prepare For That First Impression Before You Need It! You’re going to network, right?  You’re going to dialog with strangers that may become colleagues, prospects, clients, audiences, even friends.  You’re going to do this face to face, in digital or print, on the phone, in front of ad hoc or planned groups and even large

Are You Inadvertently Sabotaging Your Success?

In a meeting with a coaching client this morning, I asked what the new entrepreneurs intentions were with his business and with our coaching, as I ask all of my clients when we start working together. This particular client who is branding himself as a content provider and copywriting said he wanted to improve his

Selling Innovation

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This is the first in an ongoing series based on the highly rated book Selling Innovation, a guide to structuring a complete start-up revenue capture process.  The book is based on a day-long workshop held at the MIT Enterprise Forum in partnership with Microsoft.  Sections of each chapter will be shared here on The Startup Growth Blog. 
Stuart Allan business coach

Embracing Change – What’s Your Long-Term Business Plan?

Undoubtedly, as the politicians continue to disrupt business confidence, we are all sitting and contemplating the future for business in the UK. It is a stigma and situation the country seems to adopt all too readily; the media-fuelled debate or debacle has many of us watching on with a slight element of trepidation around what
Are investors shrugging off ?

Are investors shrugging off?

“I just don’t understand, why these investors do not come forward to help startups. We have been meeting them, delivering investor pitch, time and again, and yet no one shows any commitment to invest”. Little more nudge and the frustration comes outpouring. The founder is convinced and emotionally profoundly attached to the product that has

The Top Foundational Qualities Of The Best Leaders

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“We are social animals and we respond to the environment we’re in. Always. Our very survival depends on our ability to trust and cooperate with the people we live or work with. Leaders are responsible for that environment. And Leaders forget that, they think they are responsible for the results. There’s not a leader on

What Role Does Your Attitude Play in the Success of Your Business

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There are many distractions that business owners are faced with on a day to day basis. The challenge is when business owners get distracted by external elements they lose their focus and their ability to build and/or sustain a successful business. Allowing distractions to control your actions can be a recipe for disaster whether the
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