Marketers Must Learn to Anticipate Content Trends

Every company, regardless of size, knows they must advertise if they are to grow. Yet with all the money that is being spent, it is increasingly difficult to get your message to the right audience. This is where it pays to be anticipatory. Using the systemic method outlined in my Anticipatory Organization Model, you can ready your organization for the disruptive transformations ahead.

Do you remember when MTV was the best way to get in front of the teen and young adult audience? Once mobile technology became popular, it didn’t take long for that age group to be on the move.

In no time, videos were streaming on iTunes. Though teens continued to watch, viewership dropped. Then came instant messaging, followed by social media. For a time, Facebook gave advertisers their niche audience of young consumers congregated in one place.

That is until Snapchat and Instagram came along.

To add to the challenges of the last couple of decades, smart speakers are now in about one-quarter of U.S. homes, and podcasts are gaining popularity. In fact, about 50 percent of households now say they listen to podcasts, with a majority of them joining the trend in just the last three years.

According to, 38 percent of listeners are age 18-34, and 64 percent listen on their smartphones.

What’s Next in Target Marketing?

As technology-driven change changes direction, it is easier, and far more profitable, to change direction with it. “It’s easier to ride a horse in the direction it is going.” That’s what my grandfather told me as a little boy working with him on his farm in Texas.

Every company, regardless of size, knows they must advertise if they are to grow. Yet with all the money that is being spent, it is increasingly difficult to get your message to the right audience.

This is where it pays to be anticipatory. Using the systemic method outlined in my Anticipatory Organization Model, you can ready your organization for the disruptive transformations ahead.

Three Hard Trends and Two Tech Trends to Watch

In my work as a technology and business futurist, I have found the most effective way to approach becoming an AO is to focus on demographics, government regulations, and technology. In addition, it is always good to know which consumer technology trends will stick around. I call these Hard Trends (as opposed to Soft Trends, which may come and go).

  • Demographics drive opportunity. There are nearly 80 billion baby boomers in the United States. Not a single one is getting any younger—a definite Hard Trend.

  • Government regulation is a constant. As a general rule, will there be more or less government regulation in the future? Of course, there will be more, and that’s true regardless of the industry or organization. That’s also a Hard Trend.

  • Technology will continue to grow. From the ever-increasing functional capabilities of our smartphones to the growing use of 3D printing, technology is inevitably going to become more functional, more sophisticated, and more widespread. That’s another definite Hard Trend.

  • Multi-layered media is here to stay. According to research, our attention spans are shorter than ever, and consumers demand instant gratification and quick fixes—not a litany of product features and benefits.

Today, content channels such as social media, Apple Watch, and Google Home provide the perfect vehicles for interactivity at any time, in any place, and with any person.

  • Consumer attention is likely to stay at a premium. At least for the foreseeable future, multi-layered media is here to stay. Consumer attention remains at a premium.

Advertisers know the harsh reality: Running an ad on a major television network and supplementing it with web banner ads is no longer a guarantee of reaching the audience.

If you use my Hard Trends Methodology to look ahead to the future of marketing, you’ll be able to anticipate the fast-moving innovations to come. New devices are likely to be developed, and their connectivity doesn’t show signs of slowing any time soon.

Learn to be anticipatory—start with my book, the Anticipatory Organization, available on

Top 10 Must Follow Digital Marketing Trends In 2019

Are you working in an online market or running e-business or thinking to opt for a career in the digital market…

Then there are the huge possibilities that you are wondering to know what comes new in the digital market which has the huge potential of exponential growth in the future for the careers & businesses. It’s very crucial for people who are working in the digital market to adopt changes and act accordingly as fast as they can because, as we all know that we have been shifting towards the internet market where almost everything will be online either it’s job or business or other activities. but, we also know that it’s the internet market which is changing very fast then how can find the opportunity in it! That’s why, if you are in the digital market then you have to be more flexible to adapt the things fast to grow in the ever-evolving market.

To give a brief answer after studying this matter into the depth, we have found there are some digital marketing trends which have the more potential to become a prosperous industry in the future. Here are the top 10 Digital marketing trends in 2019 which will help you to opt for a suitable career in your life…

1.) Video Marketing – Video will be the next future of consuming content online (Forbes) and hence people who are involved in the video marketing industry, it will be great for them to make a career in this field.

2.) Artificial Intelligence – Today every economist, scholars as well as the renowned tech entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, Jack Ma, Masayoshi Son, Jeff Bezoz and so on… are talking about artificial intelligence that how it’s going to shape our future! And it will be really an exponentially emerging field where people look for the future.

3.) Voice Search – As per the surveys, it’s shown that in 2020, 50% of searches on Google will be through voice however in current time it’s already crossed the 30% so it’s a great opportunity for the online market leaders to make their marketing and business strategy according to these changes.

4.) Story Telling – Storytelling has more potent whether it’s in the business or politics or marketing and selling of goods and services because people love stories.

5.) Influence Marketing – Before the revolution of internet, people are influenced by the only big public figure, celebrities or politicians but thanks to the internet who gave the opportunity to become an influencer for every person in their field by helping and solving the problem of their audience.

6.) Marketing & Sales Funnels – It’s been an ever-green option for past so many decades because there is a huge demand in every organization who can make their marketing and sales funnel effectively. 

7.) Marketing Automation – Since we all want simplification in our task so it has huge potential that businesses will prefer to automate their marketing activities. Hence in the digital market, there is an enormous demand for such tools and techniques.

Marketing Automation

8.) Social Media Marketing – It’s not rocket science but it has already applied in the business industry for past several centuries but in the technology era, it has shifted on the internet for so-called facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on… where businesses are trying to build trust & emotional connection with their customer and hence most of the organization are trying to build their presence on social media by collaborating with the best Digital marketing company in India.

9.) Multi-channels of marketing – Nowadays businesses are more dynamic, and they want to do their promotion through the multiple channels so it also adds an advantage if someone is trying to do multi-channel of marketing.

10.) Data Analytics – Data plays a crucial role before taking any action in business or even in every stage of our life. It’s one of the most emerging fields where has a huge opportunity by using the data.

However sometimes it becomes hard for the businesses to make expertise in all these areas, that’s why we, Interactive Pixels – A Digital marketing agency in Delhi, are providing the all types of marketing services to businesses so that they can build their brand online and take advantage of these trends without taking out their focus from their main business task.

Virtual Reality and Subliminal Marketing

However, if the masses embrace VR as predicted, should we be concerned that this completely immersive experience could lead us once again down the dark road of sinister subliminal advertising?

Virtual reality (VR) has become a reality, as nearly every tech company has created a product that features it, and it is now seen by many as mainstream. Facebook-owned Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and the HTC Vive are just a few examples of household names that have launched us into the future of the immersive experience.

There is little doubt that VR has the potential to revolutionize the entire entertainment, tourism and even learning industries if audiences adopt the concept of strapping a device to their heads. At the same time, there will be those who feel instantly compelled to compare the technology to such fads as the first 3D television.

However, if the masses embrace VR as predicted, should we be concerned that this completely immersive experience could lead us once again down the dark road of sinister subliminal advertising?

Applied to VR equipment and other, similar technology, subliminal advertising has the increasing capability of wielding a much deeper impact on the unknowing user. given the vast, immersive characteristics of the VR environment. Consider one concept we’ve seen, where music apps and a smartwatch claim to play subliminal messages at a frequency overlaying music that cannot be detected by the ear, but only by the subconscious brain. This seemingly harmless idea could be incredibly valuable to savvy advertising agencies, as well as to candidates running for office.

Removing the everyday distractions of modern life and locking consumers away in an entirely immersive experience is every marketer’s dream — so before “plugging in,” we should all consider the potential implications of the use of this unregulated technology to manipulate us.

When we take a closer look at the advertising that surrounds us, it’s obvious that subliminal messages are real and powerful, as seen in one 2015 example created by a Brazilian advertising agency. The advertisers placed a billboard of people yawning at a busy metro station in Sao Paulo. This “contagious billboard” was fitted with a motion sensor that automatically detected when commuters were passing by and then displayed a video of somebody yawning.

The campaign aimed to convince passers-by that they were tired by using infectious yawning. The billboard followed the yawning video with this message: “Did you yawn, too? Time for coffee!” If it is possible to convince busy commuters to buy coffee by broadcasting a subliminal message, can you imagine the power potentially wielded within an immersive virtual reality experience that is completely free from distraction?

The gathering of data from our online purchases already allows subtle messaging for influential purposes, so the adverts that pop up and the messages we receive are certainly no accident or coincidence. Everywhere we turn, we are unwittingly subjected to product placements in video games and movies, but we congratulate ourselves on being able to see the messages and resist their pull. However, would we be as resistant to such messages if they appeared while we were completely immersed in virtual reality?

There is an enormous responsibility for any advertising agency considering bringing any form of advertising or marketing to virtual reality. If the consumer experience is in any way tainted by the out-of-date and detested marketing messages from our past, consumers will fail even to adopt the medium.

The main problem is that the current method of advertising is broken, and billions of dollars are wasted on ads that are either not seen or deemed irrelevant to a consumer’s lifestyle. This change in customer behavior is ushering in a new era of marketing called “targeted display advertising” (TDA) that uses consumers’ own data to deliver personalized ads that resonate with them.

Organizations finally have a handle on big data, and they will be able to leverage our mobile devices to learn what we’re interested in even before we clearly know ourselves, based solely on our browsing histories.

As we drift between devices and screens, we have surrounded ourselves with wave of white noise that has become a frustrating obstacle for any advertiser striving to stand out amongst all the distractions. However, a headset that removes any form of outside interruption by pumping sound into a consumer’s ears and preventing his or her eyes from wandering could make subliminal messaging hard to avoid.

Before becoming paranoid about what’s to come, it is important to understand how this technology can also be used for the greater good, too.

Virtual reality can make a positive difference in our lives by opening up fantastic opportunities for learning, rehabilitation, teaching and tourism. But I would like to see more conversations and debates about how subliminal marketing messages should be used in that environment, to help solve any problems before they occur.

What are your thoughts on the immersive experience virtual reality delivers to audiences, and about the benefits and downsides of its being leveraged to deliver subliminal messaging?

To better determine and understand the Hard Trend opportunities the immersive experience virtual reality delivers to audiences, get my latest book The Anticipatory Organization.

Why Payless is going out of business and what you stand to learn from it

Payless just filed for bankruptcy. Here’s how you can avoid their mistakes!


Payless filed for bankruptcy for the second time in 2 years on Feb 14, 2019. It decided to close all of its 2,100 stores in the U.S. and plastered huge ‘GOING OUT OF BUSINESS’ posters on its windows.

Bargain hunters had a field time with the last minute 20% off on shoes that were already super affordable while tall boots had a 40% discount.

So, what went wrong?

The concept in itself isn’t alien. Wish, Shein and Romwe are all online budget clothing stores that sell items for prices cheaper than other retail or online stores. The conspiracy that Shein and Romwe might be the same company keeps finding a way to surface every time some influencer puts out a video on their shopping haul but I’m digressing.

People, and by people I mean consumers, aren’t opposed to the idea of buying items for reasonable prices. They are dubious of the quality as most believe that lower price tags equals low quality but Payless isn’t like that.


Last November in 2018, Payless pulled off a remarkable stunt by having dozens of influencers and fashionistas believe that they were invited for a sneak peek to a luxury brand’s opening named Palessi. Lo and behold, these influencers forked over hundreds of thousands of dollars for Payless shoes that they believed to be a luxury store.

It was eventually revealed to them that they had bought Payless shoes and the difference was returned. It served as a great marketing tactic and faith in the brand was renewed. Affordable doesn’t mean low quality.

But, human psyche cannot be changed with one prank. ‘You get what you pay for’ is deeply ingrained in most people’s minds. To top that, in a social media-obsessed world like ours, branding is everything. And if you own Payless shoes, you’re not living the whole FOMO life. Let’s not forget, AirPods users don’t speak broke.

Terrible offline and online experience

Psychology aside, Payless didn’t do itself any favours by having consumers suffer through a terrible online experience. Even companies that are strongly rooted in the physical retail landscape know that having a strong online presence is vital to compete with the eCommerce industry.

If that weren’t enough, they didn’t focus on the most important thing that customers crave in a brick-and-mortar store: Experiential Shopping. Nike has done a darned good job of setting those expectations with its flagship store.

How To Avoid Payless’s Mistakes

To avoid going belly up like Payless, focus on the in-store customer experience and develop and maintain a strong online presence particularly on social media (especially if your target audience includes millennials).

  1. Personalized recommendations: Shoppers love product recommendations that have been tailored to suit their needs.
  2. Curated shopping experience: From a tailored Spotify playlist to a beacon scavenger hunt, consumers love a good experience. And, they value an improved experience far more than they care about product quality.
  3. Product information: Millennials like the idea of ‘invisible payments’. While millennials want instant gratification and prefer to shop in-stores and buy products immediately rather than wait for their online orders to ship, they still like the idea of minimal human interaction that comes with online shopping. Having NFC enabled products or dynamic QR codes on packaging allows millennials to quickly get all the data they need about the product to make an informed decision.
  4. Instant Checkout: Amazon Go, Zippin and other big-box retailers have made Scan and Go a must-have when it comes to improving customer experience. Creating such Instant Checkout booths is a piece of cake with QR codes and NFC that supports cardless payments.
  5. Social media presence: Customers trust social media reviews and make snap decisions to buy a product based on how well the product is marketed. Almost every social media platform allows shoppers to buy directly from the business’s page. Instagram even lets users buy products directly from Instagram Stories. Having a strong presence allows businesses to connect and engage with their loyal customers while drawing in new customers.

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What do you think is the most important part of a consumer’s journey? Sound off in the comments below!

Trends for Every Salesperson

Every profession goes through changes, especially sales. A certain sales technique may have worked in the past, but that doesn’t mean it’ll work today. To be a top-performing salesperson today and in the future, you must continuously adapt to both market and social conditions.

There are several new business trends taking place—all of which affect salespeople in every industry. Understand what the trends are and how to maximize them so you can maintain a successful sales career.


People who are in sales long-term tend to be successful. However, success is your worst enemy. Being at the top and doing well means you’re just trying to keep up and meet demand. You’re not looking at future opportunities because you’re busy reaping the rewards of current ones. The old saying “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” should be reworked today to state, “If it works, it’s obsolete.” If you just bought the latest device, odds are that the newer, better version is already in existence and about to be released to the public. We must evolve to stay ahead of rapid obsolescence in business.


While it’s human nature to protect the status quo, you have to understand that technology is changing the future, customers’ behavior, and your company’s reality. If you don’t change, you’ll be out of a job. As a salesperson, you need to embrace change wholeheartedly rather than resist and hold tight to the past. Spend some time thinking about where these impactful changes are headed. Change causes uncertainty in customers’ minds, so you bring certainty to them when you display confidence in change.


Time is becoming more important to people, because we have an aging demographic of Baby Boomers in the United States. Time gets more valuable as you get older because you have less of it. The world is more complex, with much more for people to do with their time. With so much going on, everyone is increasingly strapped for time. As a salesperson, make your customers feel that talking to you is actually saving them time. The list of time wasters is virtually endless, and these hurt your sales and profits. Prove that you’re a time saver and people will choose you over the competition.


Many salespeople rely on static marketing tools like company websites, flyers, and sales letters. These methods are a one-way interface. The better way is to have your sales messages be dynamic. For example, you could have a contest that encourages people to go to your site and enter. Instead of just telling people to buy your snack product, you can encourage customers to go online and vote for the next new flavor, getting them involved. The key is to generate communication, engagement, and involvement through your sales and marketing efforts. Don’t just hand out information; you want to listen, speak, and create dialogue to capture your prospects’ interest.


Almost every salesperson has been told to be proactive by taking positive action. Unfortunately, you must wait and see to know if a certain action is positive. Instead, be pre-active to future known events. You need to look at your customer segment and identify what types of events you are certain they will experience, and focus your actions on what will be happening rather than on what is happening. Being pre-active also means that you change the way people think. When you put out a new product, it takes a while to catch on because you’re not actively changing the way people think about how the product can be used. Constantly educate your customers on the value you and your products or services offer.


Sell the future benefit of what you do. Most salespeople sell the current benefits to customers who already know what they are. Your goal as a salesperson should be to establish a long-term, problem-solving relationship with customers, not a short-term transaction. Your most profitable customer is a repeat customer, so help them realize the long-term benefit of your partnership. Show them how the products and services you offer will evolve with their needs by selling the evolution of your products and services. Sit down with your fellow salespeople to create a list of future benefits that you have for your customers, and then get an idea of where the product and service developers are heading to think of future benefits preemptively.


The more you understand and adapt to today’s current business trends, the better your sales will be—today and in the future.

Are you anticipating future trends in your sales career? If you want to learn more about the changes that are ahead and how to turn them into an advantage by becoming anticipatory, pick up a copy of my latest book, The Anticipatory Organization.

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App Analytics Market Analytical Overview, Growth Factors, Demand and Trends Forecast Report till 2024

Global app analytics market is expected to witness a CAGR of 23.7% during the forecast period (2018 – 2024). The growth of this market is attributed towards increasing demand for web applications and mobile applications, escalating execution of digital transformation plans and extensive utilization of smartphones for development of advertisement. Moreover, increasing investment accredited towards analytics technology is another factor pertaining towards the growth of app analytics market across the globe.  

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The increasing demand for web application and mobile application along with escalating execution of digital transformation strategies is expected to drive the growth of the app analytics market. The providers of app analytics provide software of app analytics that helps the users in managing the financial investment options, financial products and transaction details. Moreover, app analytics software helps the business organization in detecting the fraudulent dealings along with assisting the banks in categorizing segments of business.

Geographically, North America has accounted for largest share in app analytics market. The growth the market in this region is attributed towards flourishing and well-recognized economies of the U.S. and Canada that enables this region in continuously innovating technology and investing more towards the research and developmental activities.

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The North American market is also driven by the extensive and early utilization of various evolving technologies such as big data, mobility, Internet of Things (IoT) and DevOps that are enabling the manufacturers and business organizations to effectively integrate app analytics services and solutions into their business operations.

The market structure for global app analytics market is consolidated structure and the key players in the app analytics market include IBM, Swrve, TUNE, Localytics, AppDynamics, AppsFlyer, Heap, Appsee, Amplitude,  Mixpanel, MOENGAGE, Kochava, Taplytics, App Annie, Apptentive, and CleverTap. 

About VynZ Research : 

VynZ Research is a global market intelligence company providing research reports, industry intelligence and business advisory services to companies and institutions across the globe. We have a recognized trajectory record and our research database is used by many renowned companies and institutions in the world to strategize and revolutionize business opportunities. The company focuses on providing valuable insights on various technology verticals such as chemical and materials, automotive and transportation, energy and power, consumer goods, healthcare, ICT and other emerging technologies.

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VynZ Research
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How to See How Many Times a Hashtag Was Used on Twitter

Hashtag analytics is a trending topic these days. Here’s a good way to see how many times a hashtag was used on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.. Hashtag analytics is a trending topic these days. Here’s a good way to see how many times a hashtag was used on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Why You Should Choose an Animated Video as a Welcoming Video on

Video animation is a useful tool for many business industries including medical, education, social awareness, entertainment, and marketing. Animated videos are a good medium for transmitting valuable information to the audience. It is relatively new yet, one of the most effective and popular strategies for marketing and branding products. This is a dynamic strategy as it is highly effective for engaging the audience and conveying the message of businesses from diverse backgrounds. There are many 3d architectural modeling services who can create effective animations for all types of businesses.

One of the industries that can benefit immensely from video animation is the website industry. Animated videos are a very good content form that captures the attention and engages audience. Websites can use video animation as welcoming video for enhancing the user experience of the visitors. Having a welcoming animated video on the main page of your website can make a great improvement in the website trafficking by engaging more random visitors and conveying information effectively. Also, with the help of 3d animation maker online, you can easily get an effective video. All you need to do is to provide the animator with the idea and they will do the rest for you. This article is going to discuss a few benefits of having a welcoming video on the main page of your website.

Convenient Passage of Information

Animations are so powerful when it comes to conveyance of information. They are visually more appealing than a write-up in the ‘About’ section and they do not need the user to read and scroll, which saves them from putting any efforts. Animations can convey slightest details to the audience without making them feel bored.

Animations are Fun

Animations are entertaining and this is why they can hold up the attention of the viewers for longer period of time, allowing them to become familiar with the site and the brand identity. Videos, especially the animated ones, are enjoyable even when they are lengthy because they employ the senses well and engage the mind.

Animated Character can Deliver Your Values

There are many types of animated videos that can have anime characters in them. These characters humanize the video and the related brand. This humanized notion makes it easier for the audience to get connected to the characters and develop a bond. Also, animations can depict the values and the business ideas in a very good way.

Animations Works for All

Anime movies and cartoons are worldwide hit and people belonging to diversified backgrounds enjoy watching them. Also, the animations are enjoyed by all age groups. They engage both, people above 40 as well as kids below 5. This indicates that animations are a very much versatile tool that can be molded to work for a huge range of target audience.

Animations bring in Clarity

Animations are better than any other content form because they display information in a clearer manner. They delivers clarity that makes the information graspable for all. They assist the audience visually as well as in auditory mode. These are the qualities that written content can never beat no matter how detailed and exact it is.

5 Sales Strategies Not Found in How-to Books

How do you break through to the next level of sales and become an anticipatory salesperson? Here are six strategies you won’t find in most how-to sales books.

As a salesperson, you’re trained to ask customers what they want in terms of your product offerings. That’s wise advice but it’s incomplete. If you only ask customers what they want and then give it to them, you’re missing the biggest opportunity that has ever come in front of you – the chance to sell innovation.

Technology allows us to do things that were once thought impossible. While it is important for salespeople to ask customers what they want and then deliver on it, all that will do is keep you in the game – not ahead of it.

Chances are your competitors are asking customers the same questions, they’re getting the same answers, and they’re providing the same solutions.

So how do you break through to the next level of sales and become an anticipatory salesperson? Below are six strategies you won’t find in most how-to sales books.

1. Follow the Golden Rule of Sales

The Golden Rule of Sales is to give people the ability to do something they currently can’t do but would want to do if they knew it was possible. In other words, the Golden Rule is to help your customers be anticipatory. It’s called the Golden Rule because it’s much more profitable than simply giving clients what they ask for.

The key is that you have to look a little bit further into your customers’ predictable needs based on where they’re going. Only then you can see unmet needs and new opportunities.

2. Get Comfortable Around Technology  

One stumbling block in selling technology can be that the end user is awkward with new types of technology and related products. But another stumbling block could be that you, as the salesperson, are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the tech-driven solution you could be selling.

This is where the value of a time travel audit, one of the core components of my Anticipatory Organization Model, can prove essential.

3. Practice Anticipatory Selling

Anticipatory selling offers enormous opportunity for those who recognize that the very nature of sales is shifting and, further, that there are strategies to leverage that change.

One key strategy of anticipatory selling boils down to something I call a pre-mortem. Unlike a postmortem, which is an examination after the fact, a pre-mortem is focused on anticipating objections, problems and issues before they occur – and, from there, presolving them before the sales process even begins.

4. Raise the Bar on Trust  

You need to shift from being a vendor to being a trusted advisor. A vendor simply supplies a product. A trusted advisor supplies true advantage.

When you seek that higher ground and become a trusted advisor, your clients trust you more.

Remember that the future is all about relationships. Relationships are all about trust, and you gain trust by earning it. So never teach people to distrust you by stretching the truth or hiding some pertinent information. To differentiate, you need to raise the bar on trust.

5. Commit to Finding the Customer’s Truest Needs

When you focus on redefining what you already have, you can take your current offering and leverage it to new levels. That’s when you become a sales leader. It’s not because of some fast-talking sales pitch, it’s because of your commitment to your customers and their true needs.

So focus on relationships, trust and truth, and you’ll be able to give your customers tools and solutions they never dreamed possible. As a result, both you and your company will attain new levels of success and realize the profit potential you always knew existed.  

Want more tips for anticipatory selling? Get my book The Anticipatory Organization: Turning Disruption and Change into Opportunity and Advantage, available now at

Expert Round Up: What is your favorite digital marketing tool?

Finding the right digital marketing tool can make a dramatic impact on the growth of your company. Digital marketing is a vast field that covers email marketing, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and the list goes on and on. A good strategy to find the right tool for your company is to talk to other people. Find out what digital marketing tools that they are using for their business and why it is crucial for their growth.

digital marketing tools

We asked 18 experts to provide their thoughts on what digital marketing tool is most valuable to their work.

Expert 1: Paul Juchima

Please, make sure to visit their website to learn more about their work:

Tools: Convertri, ActiveCampaign

email marketing

One of the most valuable digital marketing tools of my business is the marketing funnel building software called Convertri ( My team and students use this tool to build fast loading funnels that allow brands to provide offers and track prospects to nurture them through their sales funnel to become paying customers.

ActiveCampaign ( is the next handy tool, as it allows us to send email automation as part of plugging into that marketing funnel, including sending welcome email sequences as well as cart abandonment email sequences, helping you increase conversions and sales.

Expert 2: Aodhan MacCathmhaoil

Please, make sure to visit their website to learn more about their work:

Tools: SEMRush


At we provide low-cost waste and recycling services to small and medium Aussie companies.

For us – Semrush is definitely the most useful.

It is vital to our SEO and content creation efforts.

The magic word tool is perfect for finding the right keywords and long tail terms.

We also use it daily to check for errors like broken links.

Expert 3: Matt Antonino

Please, make sure to visit their website to learn more about their work:

Tools: Ahrefs

search engine optimization

Easily the most powerful tool we use in our business is Ahrefs ( Not only is it a fantastic backlink checker for excellent link analysis but we use it for content analysis, competitor research, and penalty checking. Ahrefs has a simple and powerful API to do big data segmenting and analysis. The Content Gap tool is one of the least used but most powerful tools in the entire tool suite.

We use a wide range of tools, and while Ahrefs is no secret, it’s often compared alongside Majestic, Moz and other link tools when it does so much more and with far better results.

Expert 4: Joshua Lewis

Please, make sure to visit their website to learn more about their work:

Tools: ActiveCampaign, Unbounce, Sendible, Bonjoro

marketing automation

In this modern day and age, everything comes down to marketing, and today we’re going to be discussing our favourite digital marketing tools. For us, we find that as a company that deals with business-to-business we do use LinkedIn quite a bit for our marketing. We find that its quite useful and that people are conducive to getting information about a business through LinkedIn. For businesses that have a more business-to-consumer type approach, we find Facebook works better. But for us, LinkedIn is fantastic.

There are other tools that we use to support our marketing efforts. We use this fantastic tool called ActiveCampaign. It gives the ability to email out our clients, see if our clients have read the email, and can if they have clicked on any of the links. We use this to see whether we have customer engagement. From there, we can then score our customers and work out where they sit, how they feel about our services, and how engaged they are. This is cool.

One of the other ones that we use is called Unbounce. Unbounce is all to do with landing pages. Now a landing page is something where you want to try and make sure that you’re answering the question to whatever your client or your prospecting client has. What this tool does is that it gives you a super, quick page that has only one that’s of interest on it.

website design

For instance, maybe you’re a florist, and you want to make sure that the customers that are coming to you when they search for you on Google. They go to your landing page, and they see on the landing page something like, “Looking for flowers for Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered.” Then you include a little bit of information about why you’re the best person to be buying flowers from, specifically for Valentine’s Day. On a big day with a big rush, when a lot of companies run out of flowers, you guys don’t. Or you know, whatever your point of difference is.

That is an example of what you should have on a landing page. On your florist website, you’d be talking about the different types of flowers that you have, the various arrangements and how you service weddings as well. This page is not exactly geared towards the problem that someone’s asking for. Where if someone’s looking for flowers coming up to mid-February, you can be pretty comfortably sure that they’re going to be confidently looking for their Valentine’s. That’s Unbounce in a nutshell, what a fantastic tool.

So far we’ve covered off on Unbounce and ActiveCampaign. Now let’s move onwards to Sendible. Sendible is another excellent tool. What it lets you do is that if you have a social media post, instead of having to jump into LinkedIn, jump into Twitter, and then across to Instagram, and over to Facebook, you can jump to the one portal, write the message, click send, and it sends it everywhere as a broadcast message. You can also use it to manage any customers or any of the comments that have been made on that message. From that, you can easily respond to the comments, and control everything in one portal. This saves you a lot of time and hassle if you are going to be using social media networks to be broadcasting any messages to your leads or clients.

The last one I’m going to cover off on here is unique. It’s unlike any of the other tools that I’ve seen out there. It is known as Bonjoro. What it does is when someone engages with you on your website, it gives you an email, and says, “Hey, Joe Blog’s just clicked on this link. Would you like to say hello?” What you can then do is you can click on them, and straightaway from there, send them a video. They can then get a video straight from you, a personalised video where they can see that you’re a genuine, down-to-earth person. You’re not just a robot, and there are not 10,000 visitors coming through this site. Even if there is, you’ve set the time aside to go and talk to this lead. I think Bonjoro is a fantastic tool, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops.

 perfectly timed personal videos

These are the tools that we use on a regular basis that have proven to work for us. There are many, many others out there, and there are many others that we use, but these I’d give you a good 80/20 rule. 80% of what you need to achieve would be within those tools there. Hope you’ve enjoyed this, and, yeah, stay good.

Expert 5: Samuel Renotte

Please, make sure to visit their website to learn more about their work:

Tools: SEMRush

digital marketing tools

I work as a Search Engine Optimisation & Growth Specialist at Prosperity Media ( we work with medium to large businesses and funded startups.

By far my favourite digital marketing tool would be SEMrush.

SEMrush is my go-to tool for:
-Analysing paid and organic search traffic for your competitors
-Getting new ideas for gaining more organic traffic
-Examining the best-performing social media posts in your industry
-Discovering trending topics and keywords
-Choosing the most effective promotional channels

As you can see from the points above, SEMrush covers a broad range of critical areas and is an absolute must for any serious digital marketer that wants to compete in today’s super competitive market.

Expert 6: Kaitlyn Gillies

Please, make sure to visit their website to learn more about their work:

Tools: Later

Instagram scheduling

Here at Oh My Digital, there are a plethora of amazing tools we use, but our number one favourite digital marketing tool would have to be our social media scheduling platform (we use Later).

This one takes the top spot because a content scheduling tool is something we really couldn’t live without in our business – not just for scheduling client’s posts but also our own.

Sharing consistent, high quality and high-value content on social media for almost two years has been so valuable to our business – and it’s responsible for the majority of our growth. We definitely wouldn’t be able to get 50% of our B2B leads via social media if it wasn’t for scheduling tools, so that’s why Later takes the top spot for us.

We’ve used Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Planoloy and Plann in the past too which are all great. The exact one you choose doesn’t matter as it’s mostly personal preference – Later is just our personal favourite at the moment because it’s so lovely to use!

Expert 7: Gregory Golinski

Please, make sure to visit their website to learn more about their work:

Tools: Moz Fresh Web Explorer

web explorer

My favorite digital marketing tool is Moz Fresh Web Explorer. It’s a fantastic tool to find mentions of your company online. You can reach out to the websites that talk about your business to try to turn these mentions into backlinks for SEO purposes.

Expert 8: Ryan Jones

Please, make sure to visit their website to learn more about their work:

Tools: Woodpecker


A lot of my work revolves around outreach. Whether this is merely a marketing effort to bring in new clients, or whether I am reaching out to websites to get links for existing clients, I need to send a lot of emails. Woodpecker is by far my favourite digital marketing tool as it allows me to create and send emails in bulk, but also manage the responses to these emails. It even allows me to send automated follow-up emails to the people who haven’t responded! This has taken my outreach to a whole new level!

Expert 9: Quentin Aisbett

Please, make sure to visit their website to learn more about their work:

Tools: SEMRush

competitor research

I run Australian-based digital agency OnQ Marketing. I’d love to contribute to your roundup by talking about the most valuable tool to our work. Although tough to single out just one, I have to mention SEMRush.

SEMRush is a tool that offers so much for us as a digital agency. It is what we consider to be the ultimate all-rounder. From an SEO perspective, it allows us to run site audits and monitor progress, whilst performing other crucial aspects of our job including keyword and competitor research, backlink auditing, and much more. It is also expanding its solutions also to help support our PPC management. Not only does SEMRush help us do our jobs better, every day, it saves us the sort of time that can make or break the agency business model.

Expert 10: Brogan Renshaw

Please, make sure to visit their website to learn more about their work:

Tools: SEMrush

marketing tools

With over 5700 marketing tools available and more being added every day (see –, how do you select only one?

If we were restricted to one, I would use SEMrush. This tool can be utilised for any business wishing to grow their online presence. From SEO, Online Advertising, Social Media Management our company uses this tool for every client.

From small business to large commercial operations every company can benefit from one of the 40 tools available with SEMrush.

At Firewire Digital we use the tool to keep track of all our clients google search rankings vs. their competitors.

Expert 11: Illia Termeno

Please, make sure to visit their website to learn more about their work:

Tools: Ahrefs

keywords research data

We are using Ahrefs tools in our everyday work. Its Keywords research data provides an exceptional level of granularity to learn the interest of target audience and come up with a meaningful content strategy. When doing the initial analysis for the new client, we always use Site audit tool to have a quick overview of the on-site SEO health condition. Then Competing Domains report provides a quick and relevant list of potential competitors. Content Gap is an excellent tool to see if there are any topics with great traffic potential utilized by the competition and not touched by the client.

Thus, Ahrefs is suitable for both: quick analysis to build the list of the hypothesis of what can be improved, as well as doing in-depth research and creating the action plan.

Expert 12: Nikolay Terziev

Please, make sure to visit their website to learn more about their work:

Tools: Google Analytics

google analytics

My name is Nikolay, and I’m an SEO expert for LeoPay, digital account for managing online payments.

In my opinion, the most important digital marketing tool that one marketer can’t go without is Google Analytics. Data is vitally important to measure performance. Google Analytics is an excellent tool that is free to use, and almost every marketer can implement it without any special technical knowledge. Not only can you measure performance but you can get a basic idea about your audience.

Expert 13: Mark Crowell

Please, make sure to visit their website to learn more about their work:

Tools: Website


Your website should be your best digital marketing tool. Your site should be where you funnel all your social media traffic and generate leads. Having a professional website gives you 100% control over your branding and messaging.

Expert 14: Madelene Rogers

Please, make sure to visit their website to learn more about their work:

Tools: Funnel

marketing funnel

As a digital marketer with CanIRank I’ve tested and researched almost every tool in the industry, but one of my favorites is Funnel ( Digital marketing has become such an expansive effort, attempted across a vast variety of platforms and channels and Funnel allows me to quickly see all of our data in one place at a glance with beautiful visualizations. By integrating with over 400 data sources, it’s almost impossible to market somewhere their tool can’t track and quantify for me. I’ll never go back to traditional spreadsheet tracking after seeing how easy and effective Funnel makes my marketing efforts. It saves me time and brain power I can use to focus my message and strategy better.

Expert 15: Amy Kilvington

Please, make sure to visit their website to learn more about their work:

Tools: Iconosquare

social media

Iconosquare is a valuable digital marketing tool for all businesses wanting to succeed on social media.

It is a social management tool that provides businesses and social media users with detailed analytics to identify the best type of content to share. This helps to boost your social media presence and grow a bigger and more engaged following. Iconosquare offers information including your best performing content and your best performing times to post.

For instance, images posted at 7pm on Mondays may be your best performers, achieving higher likes, comments and subsequent follows. Iconosquare also allows you to monitor competitors and provides in-depth data relating to their social media accounts. This in turn helps you to build a more informed social media strategy.

Expert 15: Nedelina Payaneva

Please, make sure to visit their website to learn more about their work:

Tools: Answer the Public

Blog topic research
Waterlogue by Tinrocket 1.0.9 Windows Preset Style = Vibrant Output Size = Medium Lightness = Normal

Your blog serves the important purpose of helping your website appear in organic search. Which of course is an important source of website traffic.

In order to accomplish this, however, you need to know what topics your future customers are searching for in relation to your industry or your business. Answer the Public ( is a dynamic tool that helps you discover the perfect blog topics based on the language, or keywords, your customers use.

It works similar to a search engine. Simply type in a keyword relevant to a topic your customers might search for, like “digital cameras”. The tool generates trees of topics base d on real search queries and trending questions commonly searched in relation to this keyword. And voila! Now you can pick the query that best suits your blog and business. So simple, yet so helpful.

Expert 16: Pulkit Gera

Please, make sure to visit their website to learn more about their work: Blogging Done Better

Tools: Ahrefs, ActiveCampaign, Thrive Themes

Thrive themes

My favourite tools are:
Ahrefs -> They have the very BEST SEO tool in the market. I use it everyday for keyword research, content planning and backlink analysis and tracking.
( People have already talked about this tool in this post so I won’t go into much detail)

ActiveCampaign -> It’s also the BEST email marketing tool in existence. It’s got extremely powerful automations which can be triggered in a lot of different ways. If you use it well, even a small business can use ActiveCampaign to personalize the marketing for each individual person on their list.

I also LOVE the site tracking feature (which no one else has) and the fact that you can trigger automations based on page visits. That’s incredibly powerful.

And they allow you to split test the automation itself. Again, this isn’t something that other comparable tools in the market can do. This feature will allow you to optimize every aspect of your automation to make it as good as it can be.

They also integrate with Facebook Custom Audiences. For people running a FB ad campaign and maintaining and email list, this is godsent. And finally, they have a marketplace where you can show off your automations or buy automations created by others. It’s not got a ton of stuff on it yet, but it’s awesome even now.

Thrive Themes Membership -> Thrive Themes have a suite of WordPress plugins that you can use to build a good looking and fast, conversion optimized website.

Their world class plugins include: a page builder, a lead generation plugin, a quiz builder, a headline optimizer, a scarcity marketing plugin, a comments plugin, a testimonial plugin and a comments plugin.

All the products are designed to work seamlessly with each other. I install these plugins on all my WordPress sites and I can’t think of running a blog without them.

Expert 17: Brenda Ledwith

Please, make sure to visit their website to learn more about their work:

Tools: Hotjar


One of my favourite digital marketing tools that we use for all of our clients is HotJar ( – it is a fantastic piece of software that allows you to see heatmaps of any page on your website. Most importantly though, HotJar allows you to watch real recordings of visitors using your site. This is incredibly valuable when it comes to conversion rate optimisation and improving user experience to drive increased conversions.

By spending time every month or so looking at past recordings, you can identify any roadblocks that your website visitors are experiencing that are preventing them from completing an action on your website. Are they getting confused with your contact form? Are important call to action buttons not working? You can even identify opportunities to help website visitors through the funnel. For example, if you are noting that many website visitors scroll to the bottom of a landing page, then scroll back up and leave the site, you may want to consider adding buttons or links at the bottom of the page that encourage them to keep moving through your website until they are lead to filling out an enquiry form or making purchase. If you aren’t constantly reviewing how your visitors are using your site, then you are really just making blind judgments about your site that could be costing your business a lot of money.

Expert 18: Casey Bryan

Please, make sure to visit their website to learn more about their work:

Tools: Google Search Console

Google Search Console

I use a wide range of tools with my clients however since Grand Cru Digital is focused explicitly on SEO (search engine optimisation) one of the critical tools we use on a weekly basis is Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools).

This free tool from Google has and still is undergoing many updates to improve the tool continually. Mostly it will help you make sure you get the most from organic search.

Google Search Console helps you understand how Google reads and indexes your site. You’ll be able to pick up on errors with pages on your website and understand why specific pages aren’t being shown in Google alongside what keywords are driving people to your site and even how Google sees your structured data and AMP (accelerated mobile pages).

If you’re looking for organic search growth in 2019 and beyond, Google Search Console is a tool you should be one of the tools that you are using more frequently than not.

Marketing made easy: 10 tips to squeeze the most out of your blogs

Are you writing blogs regularly? Whether you are writing them yourself, or engaging a writer to help you, each blog that you produce has so much value beyond just sharing on your website or social media and then forgetting about it.


Are you writing blogs regularly?

Whether you are writing them yourself, or engaging a writer to help you, each blog that you produce has so much value beyond just sharing on your website or social media and then forgetting about it.

Why blog?

Writing blogs gives you a huge platform to reach your audience. You can share tips, advice, knowledge or even just funny or interesting stories. It also helps drive traffic to your website and enables your site to rank higher in Google.
It can also double as an incredibly useful resource, for marketing or business development. It’s a great way for you to get your ideas and knowledge down on paper (or on screen!)
Obviously, getting oodles of value out of a blog assumes that the blog is of good quality, in terms of content and writing quality. So, take the time to ensure your blogs are of great quality and then you can leverage the quality into other areas. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

How to re-purpose your blogs

Right, so you’ve read enough – you’re ready to get to work!
Here are 10 tips to squeeze every last drop of value out of your blogs…
1. Share in your newsletter, on your social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc) and share on your own personal page too. This one might seem obvious, but this is just the start and it is surprising how many people actually forget to publish their blog across all platforms!
2. Following on from point #1, don’t be shy about posting on your personal Facebook page too. You might think that you don’t want to ‘spam’ your friends and family on your personal page but it’s not spamming if you select carefully which posts to share. And surely your friends and family don’t mind, they probably actually like to see it and you can reach a whole new set of people who like to see what you’re doing.
3. Share within other networks. If you are a member or follower of any networking groups or local community groups, share within these too. Approach them to see if they can publish within their newsletter or on their social media pages. With a bit of research, you might be surprised how many networks are actually looking for good quality content to share with their audience.
4. Select one or two ‘tips’ from each blog and create some social media images. This is a golden tip! Taking a snippet of an 800-word blog and creating a short, sharp graphic for your social media page is a wonderful way to share some useful content with your audience. This is also a good tip for reaching those of your followers who don’t always want to (or have time) to read a whole blog. And it also helps key messages stick in their minds. Make sure you include a link back to the blog though!
5. Get interviewed
Let’s say you run a landscape design business, and you have written a blog about using native plants in garden design. Now see if you can find an architecture magazine, or environment magazine, and approach them to see if they would like to do an interview with you. They can link back to your blog in their content. Getting backlinks from other sites is very, very useful and will help your website rank higher.
6. Use keywords in your blog
Careful use of a few keywords in your blog can help it be found by people searching those terms. If your business is a physiotherapy practise, and you have written a blog about post-natal topics, ensure you include terms such as “female friendly” or “pelvic floor physio Perth”
7. Re-share a year later – just do a quick edit if it needs to be updated, and then share in a ‘Throwback Thursday’ series. You could include a few things you’ve learned or that have changed within your industry since it was first published.
8. Write a spin-off – most blogs get close to going off on tangents anyway! So, you can often take one of the themes from a blog and explore it further in a separate blog. For example, I once wrote a blog about Juggling all your Social Media Balls. I talked about creating a plan and how to get organised. One of my tips was to schedule your posts. This naturally led on to a blog called How & Why to Schedule.
9. If your blog contains a lot of data, you could turn the main points into an info-graphic to share on social media. Similar to #4, this is a great way take some of the key concepts and produce an easy to remember resource.
10. Finally, you could turn the content of your blog into a webinar or presentation. You already have the content, all you need to do is spend a little bit of time editing so it sounds and looks good in presentation form, and voila!
What other ways have you heard of to re-purpose blogs? There are many, many ways to do it, and of course you don’t need to do them all at once. You could pick 2 -3 to try this month, then do another few next month, and see which ones seem to work for you and your business.
If you would like some help in creating social media graphics, or want someone to proof read / write your blogs, feel free to contact us at SB Creations and make sure you check out our Facebook page for more tips.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is nothing new in the marketing world. The concept was believed to have started some 70 years ago. Politicians and celebrities are known to possess the core essence of influencer marketing. They use this strategy to gain massive publicity from millions of people around the world. However, does this strategy limits only to politicians and celebrities? No. Definitely not.

As observed in our worldwide society, influencer marketing has bombarded the economy. Especially the business world. Brands nowadays are so keen on using influencer marketing to reach millions of people and to get their products known in the face of the earth. How do they do that? The brands use social media. Social media is nothing but a trend. Almost everyone owns and manage his or her social media accounts. Brands and business owners saw this, and they grabbed the opportunity to use it as something of a significant advantage in promoting their products. Thus, the rise of influencer marketing.

What is an Influencer?

“person taking photo of woman” by Josh Rose on Unsplash

In the marketing world, an influencer may be an individual or even a business that holds power in influencing other people. They may be a public figure or a social media personality that have a large amount of following and fame. People look up to them because of common interest in a particular niche. These influencers became famous through social media. These people possess the power to cause a reaction in others around them, influencing them to do this and that. Marketers use them as instruments to influence the purchasing decisions of their target markets.

What is Marketing?

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

According to Kotler and Armstrong, marketing “is the process by which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships in order to capture value from customers in return.”
It is a complicated mix that consists of different components. Moreover, one element is influencer marketing. This component conforms to the general goal of what marketing does.

Influencer Marketing Defined

“selective focus photography of woman wearing red knit cap” by christian ferrer on Unsplash

Influencer marketing is also known as buzz marketing. This component focus on using individuals or influencers to create general awareness of their target market. These individuals inform the public about a specific product or service.

Instead of directly marketing their items, marketers hire or collaborate with influencers and let them convey their message to the consumers.
Influencers were defined above, and It can be anyone who holds power and fame. Anyone from politicians to celebrities, to any public figure that can influence the general masses.

These people connect with their followers, and, the success of influencer marketing depends on how tight the relationship is between the influencer and their followers. Some followers tend to mimic and copy their idols. If they saw them wearing or using a particular product, they tend to react by purchasing the same product. Moreover, that’s what influencers marketing does. That’s what marketers want. A good relationship means a better influence.

Methods of Influencer Marketing

“high angle photo of person holding turned on smartphone with tall buildings background” by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

If you’re a business or a brand owner, and you don’t know the mechanics of influencer marketing, let alone its meaning, then, you’re left behind. So it’s time for you to step up and operate more competitively. Below, are the steps on how to get started with influencer marketing.

1. Know your target market. Before choosing your influencer, you have to know your audience first. You have to learn what they want and what kind of individual might successfully influence them. That way, you’ll learn to relate your product to their needs and make it more attractive to them. In time, you’ll realize that it leaves a great impression on your targets and your products will even sell itself.

2. Know and select your Influencers. Now that you’re done with determining your target audience, you have to search your influencers carefully. How to do that? Google. Search for web pages and contact information and connect with them. Social media is also another platform where you can select your influencers. Look for someone whose niche relates to yours and whose following is excellent. You can choose from celebrities, to bloggers who create great contents and to any public figure who already build a strong relationship with their followers. Carefully evaluate their feed and check if they fit your products and if they can create higher engagement and make your product reach to a vast number of audiences.

3. Collaborate. One of the most significant parts of a successful influencer marketing is the creation of social media content. Almost all influencers own a social media component — from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, to Instagram, everyone goes social and tech savvy. So grab this opportunity! Collaborate with your influencers and let them convey the word on their social media channels. You can either create the content or let them do just that. What is important is how the content can generate more engagement from the target market. Thus, making sure the content is of a considerable element is vital. However, how can influencers make better contents featuring your product? Let them experience it. Give them samples and ask for their opinions. It can also help them evaluate your product or service firsthand, thus giving them more strong impressions that they can use in promoting your product or service.

The advantage of Influencer Marketing

“number sign” by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

As time goes by, technology becomes more and more modernized. Using books, newspapers, televisions, and radios as means of an advertisement may be classified as outdated. Why? Technology makes online the new trend. You can now advertise anything on online platforms. So that’s how Influencer Marketing works. The advantage of it is its convenience and speed. Post your advertisement, and after 24/7, millions already viewed it.

Influencer marketing has been around from the past, but now, with the advent of social media, target reach has substantially increased. Thus, giving marketers valid reasons to utilize this strategy even more.

The involvement of famous personalities indeed has a more significant impact on your audience. They create deep impressions and make the product, even more, purchase worthy. Thanks to their content creation skills, buying influence has now become more natural, attractive, and mobilized.

Email Marketing Automation Tips that Will Drive Growth

Anyone who has adopted email marketing automation must supply leads to their customer to increase sales effectiveness and maximize marketing through email nurture journeys or email drip campaigns. We must continually reach our customers wherever they are and at the right time to lead them down to a sold column. Email marketing is the best in reaching out to customers. Although it’s a relatively low-cost method of contacting a customer, it demands resources and time. However, if we maximize the automation of the email marketing campaigns, then we will reduce the time and resources needed.

Then, how do we improve our email marketing automation to reach more to our customers and grow our sales?

Ensure that the subject line is always compelling.

“person using a desktop” by IN BOSSMODE on Unsplash

A subject line of the email’s nurture journey should focus on the customers themselves. This tactic avoids the chances of the customers ignoring or deleting the messages especially when the subject line does not address them. To ensure that the subject line snags the interests of your customers, on different subject lines do an A/B test, and the best should rise to the top. That is;

i. Do a split test. A/B -test multiple subject lines. This test should be two or more subject lines.

ii. In a scenario where you have a long subject list, on a subset that is randomized test different lines and sends the captivating line to the respite of the subject list.

iii. Measure the success and relevance of the subject lines by looking at the open rates.

iv. Also, since tastes and trends change with time, today’s winner will probably be tomorrow’s loser, and therefore you should always keep testing once in a while even after finding a subject line conqueror. This test is necessary, especially where there is a campaign that is long-running.

Ensure that your email content is relevant.

“woman wearing white jacket using laptop computer” by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

For your emails to upsurge the other slew of emails received by your prospects, they should have great content. Content that is personal, compelling and highly relevant. Impressing your customers is vital. That is, specifically cater to their interests and create a sales experience that is personalized. This tactic can be achieved by rather than sending an email campaign to a whole lead list; you send it to the only customers it is relevant to by doing segmentation. To know that it is appropriate for the audience;

i. Test by writing forms of each email that are different. You can try different testimonial or different versions like sweet and short. You can even lead with a joke or give personal stories to understand what is preferred by your audience.

ii. Make sure you test a factor at a given particular time. It is not necessary to test different content and subject lines at the same time as you will not know that change that is driving results.

iii. Also, it is necessary to consider the use of dynamic content strategies that will send emails reliant on the action of a customer. If they, for example, view a video, an e-book is sent, or if they do not see the video, you send a reminder of the existence of the video.

iv. Take a keen guise at click-through rate data to determine whether customers are being compelled to take action by the email content. This analytic data will influence your steps towards the marketing automation campaign you adopt.

Ensure that it reaches the right people.

“two men doing hand shake” by rawpixel on Unsplash

It is important to consider what your prospects want. It is not useful to send them automated emails on kitchen room addition while they are interested in bathroom remodeling. Your email nurture journey should be relevant to tour prospects. It is vital too;

i. Segment your email lists depending on your company’s nature, gender, geographical location, age and more. You want to segment emails list with essential commonalities.

ii. Since the deeper, the segmentation, the more personal a message is, it’s important to personalize the email’s nurture journey according to the segmented audience.

iii. Re-arrange or consider creating a nurture journey to keep the current or the inactive customers.

Evaluate whether the drip campaign is working.

“person working on MacBook Pro” by rawpixel on Unsplash

The true testament to the value of tweaking every trait of your email nurture journey is the created conversions. Don’t ignore the prize your drip campaign has to your business.

i. It is worth to lose clicks and opens if you create an email nurture journey so that it appeals to the customer profiles that are most valuable. However, it’s important to note that click-through rates and open rates are not the ultimate metrics.

ii. To ultimately judge whether the email campaign is working, you should continually measure your conversion rates.

iii. Finally, it is crucial to create dynamic content, split different test factors in the email campaign and analyze the results.


“three men and one woman laughing during daytime” by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

It is important to note that small improvements add up and therefore improving your email nurture journey by making minor tweaks obtains a slight percentage increase. Always think of your email nurture journey as a project that needs to be improved. You should brainstorm after which you create, experiment and analyze.

On Page SEO Tips For Beginners

If you are a blog or website owner, then you must know the importance of on-page SEO for your webpage. However, how many of the bloggers or website owners have the full knowledge to imply on page SEO on their website?

If you are one of those looking for some crucial on page SEO tips, then you are on the right page with us.

Let us provide eight such useful SEO tips that will help in improving the rankings of your website significantly.

Get the right tag in the title

“computer screen displaying website home page” by Pankaj Patel on Unsplash

The first step towards an effective on-page SEO is to get the correct title tag for the content that you are going to publish. It implies that every page in your blog or website has to be given a title with keyword specification.
Dedicated keyword research is needed to find the keyword which can appear most frequently in search results.

Get relevant meta tags and meta description

“smartphone showing Google site” by Edho Pratama on Unsplash

Meta tags are those keywords that you must have come across while searching for your most preferred keyword. Include these secondary keywords in the content of your article as meta tags. It will help your content to gain visibility when people enter those keywords in Google searches.

However, as you cannot include every keyword in the content, you need to be specific with your meta tags too.

Once you get the meta tags right, it is the time to produce a meta description which refers to the concise summary of the page to give an idea of the content to the readers.

Learn to optimize the images

“person using black laptop computer” by on Unsplash

Many people do not know that images can work as a fantastic SEO tool for them. It is a straightforward technique in which you have to include the keyword in the actual name of the image while saving it on your desktop. Also, reformat the pictures to ensure it fits sufficiently with your page alignment.

While it is one of the simplest and fastest techniques to improve the ranking of your page, it is surprising to know that very a few of the search engine optimizers are aware of this fact!

Back-links, internal links, and external links

“person using gray laptop computer” by rawpixel on Unsplash

Search engine optimization is about interlinking the various contents and posts which are available on the Google pages. Therefore, whenever you publish new content in your website, do not forget to interconnect it with other sensible stuff. Use internal links and external links to connect the other relevant content with your site. You can use backlinking to generate more traffic to your website’s internal pages.

Choosing the URL

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URL, as is known, is the actual link that is used to direct anyone to your website content. Every article or blog on your site has a unique URL just like your home address. You guessed it right!

As we need to promote our content for some given specific keywords, we need to specify the string of words that form the URL of your web pages. Although, Google generates some URL for the page automatically, choosing the most relevant URL is going to take you a step further in bringing about the desired results.

Extend the length of your content

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It is one of the most crucial SEO tips which is slightly misunderstood by people. Most of them believe that there should be an extended number of pages on the website to make it better. However, it is not true. As per SEO specialists, it is the length of your content which is significant in improving its ranking. If you are publishing 500 words content continuously on your website, start extending it to 1500 to 2000 words now. You will see a significant improvement in the ranking of your site.

Keyword density

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The amount of time that you are using the keyword in the article has to be stipulated. The optimum keyword density is to use it not more than 3 to 4 times in an article of 500 words. Try not to overpopulate your article with the keywords.

Interlink your content

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If you own a Youtube channel, then you must be aware of how you can inter loop your videos to engage your audience for a longer time. Similarly, you can create interlinks in your content so that the traffic is redirected to some of your pages. This tactic will help you in retaining your readers for a longer duration on your website page.

How to Build Marketing Funnels Like A Pro

There are a lot of people whom I have worked with that did know where to start in getting new customers. Especially on the web where there is a crowd of competitors. They all start with some traffic generation tactic. They would use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. Their goal is to drive web traffic to their website and hope to make a sale. This rarely happened or never happened at all.

Frustrated Marketer

So, what is the problem? The problem is that they did not design a marketing funnel.

Concept of Marketing Funnel

A marketing funnel uses strategy, processes, web traffic, email automation, and content. They all work together in symbiotic harmony to deliver you a customer. The process does not happen overnight. This takes hard work and a lot of A/B testing. If you are selling a service or an information product then you must build a marketing funnel. A marketing funnel would contain a series of steps. For example, the first step would be to drive people to a blog post and build awareness for your brand. You then want to re-target your blog visitors to give you their email address to get a free eBook. When you get their email address then this is the first transaction that you have with your prospect. We will cover more in this blog post.

Why Should You Use Marketing Funnel?

The main benefit of using a marketing funnel is that it is quite easy to follow. You can map out each level of the funnel and plan for the activities of that stage. Besides that, you can build funnels for any customer interaction. No matter what kind of business you engage in, the funnel always applies. The funnel is a structured and repeatable system used to generate leads. The funnel is independent of traffic sources and is their own entity.


The chances of increasing your ROI goes up. You can measure each step in the process. For instance, you may find that you get many visitors at stage one. But only a small percentage of those gets to stage two. By knowing this, you can make tweaks and see the kind of effect it has on sales.

Understanding Marketing Funnels

A marketing funnel is a visual representation of the steps to turn a website visitor into a customer. Each of your competitors has a marketing funnel even if they do not know they have one. This is where you have the opportunity to grab market share. Because you are reading this blog post. You are now going to learn the value of mapping your customer journey through the funnel. At a high-level marketing funnels have the top, middle, and bottom.

The top of the funnel are people who are new to your brand. They have no idea who you and may never come back to your site. This is where the power of ad retargeting is so vital to so many businesses.

The middle of the funnel are people who have opted in to receiving communications from you. You may have offered them a lead magnet in exchange for their email address.

The bottom of the funnel is where you convert your leads into customers. Each step in the funnel has a correlated tactic to nudge people down your funnel. We outline the marketing funnel in five steps below.

1. Awareness

The first stage of the marketing funnel is awareness. This is an important step in the process. This is where you make your first impression to website visitors.


They have no idea who you are or what you represent. You have only a couple of seconds to capture their attention until they move on. So, what do you want to do? This is where content marketing comes into play. I like to run paid traffic to a blog post. You send targeted web traffic based on interest or intent to your best piece of content. The content should add value for your website visitors and display your expertise. You then want to have a call-to-action on the blog post to get their email address. This way you can market to them over time and nudge them along down the funnel. You also want to use a re-marketing pixel. This way when your prospect leaves you build out your invisible email list in Facebook. This is also known as the custom audience for website visitors. When you have enough people you have in your custom audience then you can run other targeted ads. You want to drive a lot of people into the awareness stage of the funnel. The more people who have entered your funnel then the better opportunity to get more leads.

2. Interest and Evaluation

You ever go window shopping and see something that catches your eye. You go into the store, try the outfit on but does not look right. You then get out of the fitting area and see other shirts on the rack that interest you. You then try those shirts on to see if you like them. This is what the interest and evaluation stage of the marketing funnel is. At this level, you start targeting specific prospects, who meet certain criteria. You get your prospect to opt-in to one of your landing pages. You then send them email communications to get them into one of your webinars. You build their excitement in your brand with your social media posts, blogs, and videos. You want to make sure your content is top-notch on the web. The competition for customers is fierce on the web. I have been working on the web for over 5 years with my digital marketing agency. You must have good content. You must take the time to work on a single piece of content rather than push a bunch of blog post out. Your content is a representation of your brand and skills. This will help you build the interest level of you prospect and move them down the next stage of the funnel.

3. The Commitment

Getting A Commitment Requires Trust

This is the final step in the funnel before you achieve the goal of your funnel. It will usually entail rewarding potential customers to complete the goal. For instance, you can offer a small percentage discount if they make the purchase on that day. Besides that, you could begin telling customers of the benefits they should expect after making the sale.

For instance, if you sell nutritional supplements, you could create a video talking about how people felt great after taking the supplements. At this stage of the funnel, the focus is on easing any worries and convincing the customer to take the final step. Thus, if you are an online merchant, you need to make the checkout process as simplified as possible. For instance, if the goal is to get customers to fill out a form, make the form as short and simple as possible.

4. Loyalty

Loyalty is Earned

This step can also be called customer retention. This is where you invite customers to subscribe to your blog or site in order to receive the latest deals first. From time to time, ensure that you send customers helpful content that is beneficial to them. There are many ways to ensure loyalty. For instance, you can offer repeat customers an increasing number of discounts for their loyalty.

5. Advocacy

After the customers have made the purchase, that should not be the end of the conversion. You will now have an opportunity to use these people as advocates of your brand. Besides that, you can use them for repeat business, which means you will not have to spend as much money on future marketing campaigns to net customers.

In fact, the advocacy stage can be more valuable than the commitment stage of the sale. The customer you get through the funnel will already have cost you advertising dollars. However, if your customer becomes an advocate for you and helps you make more sales, which will be free advertising.

Brand ambassadors chatting with their friends about your business

Customers can unknowingly become brand ambassadors. The key goal here is to make sure they sell you through social media to their friends. Besides that, you need to have a review section where they can post online reviews. If your products are good, the online reviews can do wonders for the legitimacy of your brand.

Marketing Tips for Launching a New Product

Do you want to launch a new product or service in the market? Launching the product is next step after you have decided what you want to offer as your product or services. Product launch is a crucial step as the sales and growth of the product is dependent on a good and well-hyped product launch.

Take an example of the leading tech brand Apple. Do you know that they sold 300,000 WiFi units on the launch day? Within 3 days, 1.7 million iPhone 4 units were sold. Clearly, they knew how to launch a product for maximum sales! You too can kickstart your product launch and can boost your sales to a huge success. But there is no universal law that is to be followed. Every brand has its own strategies, brand value, and shortcomings. Do you know that sometimes even the most experienced product managers fail to get the product off the ground?

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Every single day countless products are being launches across the globe. But they fail to perform well in the market no because they are not up to the mark, but because they are not marketed well. To launch the product in the market that creates a buzz in the market and that catches the attention of the target audience requires careful study of the market. Let us have a look at the following steps that will help you in achieving this target:

Analyze your Competitors

In addition to working on your brand’s SWOT (Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat) analysis, you have to keep an eye on the competitor’s SWOT analysis too. You have to start by taking your competitors seriously. Make a list of your competitors that are offering products or services in your domain. Try to figure out their strength, weaknesses, strategies and future plans. Analyze what makes them stand in the competition. Plan your strategy according to your competitors. Get into the shoes of the customers and know what is their definition of a good product. This will help you in your marketing strategy, advertisements and you can stand out from the crowd.

Focus on Target Customers

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As a brand, you have to focus more on the target audience. They are the ones for whom you are launching your new product or services. So it becomes necessary to focus on the customers who are most likely to buy from you that too for a long term. There may be customers who might be purchasing similar products or services as you are providing and appreciate the new features or quality you are offering. But your ideal customer will be those who have a need for your products and services, can afford to buy the product and are eager to buy from you.

Give Something Unique

Before actually starting marketing, you must have a clear idea of what you have to market. What are the things that make your product stand out from all the products that are available out there in the market? You should make it clear to the customers that why should they buy your product and not from the bunch of competitors out there in the market. In a nutshell, make sure your product is a value to the money, it should have unique features and it should fulfill the needs of the customers.

Work on Marketing Strategy

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Next, you have to make your marketing strategies clear to your team. What would be your channels for the marketing? Are you going to market the product online? Select all channels through which you would like to market your product eg, newspaper, magazines, print media, digital media, television etc. Generally, multi-channel marketing is more effective as your product is exposed to the customers from every possible channel.

Test Before Launches

We know you have put a lot of effort, money, and resources and bought up your post like a child. Why risk the success of your product prior to the proper testing of your product. You should test your product or service, marketing message and the value you are going to provide through your product. You can first focus on the sample target audience group or simply can have a meeting with the target audience group. Distribute your product in malls, and small retailers to know the response. Carry out online surveys to know how your product is performing before actually launching the product.

Get your Campaign Started

It’s time to start your campaign. Get all the media coverage you can get. Create a hype and buzz for the product. Start advertising heavily, start various contests, distribute prizes. Hold a launch event for the product. Get your product available in the market so that customers can easily buy your product. Make sure that you get the most out of the media coverage and hype. Analyze the results after the campaign and check what worked best for you.

By implementing all these techniques, you can boost the sales of your product. There are many other strategies that you can follow for a good product launch but these are few strategies that work for almost all the brands whether big or small. A good product launch is foundation for the good sales and you can lay the foundation for your next product and next innovation.

How to Grow Your Instagram Followers in 10 Days


With more than 800 million users and their endless engagement time, Instagram is the place to be for online campaigning of various businesses.

When the expert marketing teams plan to extend their outreach, they need a platform where maximum customers can be found at one place. And the popular social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have helped such businesses to flourish and change their market position with planned online campaigning through these channels.

We are talking about Instagram today because people are increasingly joining this social media platform and following various business programs to keep themselves updated with the market phenomenon.

We have got some infallible ideas for you to grow your Instagram followers that will help in taking your business to new levels:

Use new and less popular hashtags

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We often see people rigorously using hashtags to spread the word on Instagram. If you go on to use the common, highly used hashtags such as #outing, #mom, #friendship etc, you will probably end up being one among the millions of others. You need to get yourself noticed and applauded for increasing the number of followers for your business. What is needed here is some community-specific and targeted hashtags which are unique yet easily acceptable! There are free tools available online that help you in searching and choosing hashtags according to their search volume. Find out the most appropriate hashtags for your business which have not already become a fad.

Follow and Like people who belong to your Community

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As we mentioned about the hashtags, the requirement is to be community specific. For example, if you are selling diapers and baby products- only the segment of new mothers will be your prospective customers. There is no chance that the teenagers or college going youth will buy those products!

Therefore, we advise our readers to be community specific. It saves a lot of your time and efforts. Start following more people related to your community and like their photos often. Start commenting on at least 8–10 pictures in different accounts and try to mention about your product or service being direct or indirect. Give some genuine problem-solving advice to let people know the intellect associated with your business. It will help you to come in notice of a few users every time you comment and thus get some followers too. It also helps you to become more approachable and be findable in random searches.

Engage people through contests, quizzes, and polls

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People spend a lot of time on the online quizzes and contests. If you have some quirky idea for running a contest for your business, just go ahead. Even the simplest of the contests will draw thousands of followers if your approach is right. People like to test their abilities and get rewarded for their acumen. You can ask the participants to repost your pictures or posts and use your hashtags for a better outreach. The best part about such contests and quizzes is that you do not have to give away huge rewards. Something very simple such as a gift bag or online gift card will do the magic. You can even bag some sponsors to fund your contest if you want to make it a big scale promotion.

Tell your story through videos

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Although Instagram is a photo sharing platform, it evolves with the changing trends. These days’ people are telling their stories through videos and live streaming sessions. Many people are drawing huge following through their DIY and live counseling sessions which have instead become a trend. People hire trained videographers to shoot their stories and share them online.

Convert your story into a video and try to keep it crisp and entertaining. Trending videos are watched and shared more often. Use your brand icon in the video thoroughly. And do not forget to add “call to action” to tell the viewers to follow your account at the end of the video.

Link your Instagram account with other social media platforms

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Just like Instagram, most of the people and brands also exist at Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you already haven’t marked your presence there, it is the time to enter these platforms too. Link the accounts to each of your platforms so that you do not miss on the prospective buyers through any of these. Facebook supports various features of Instagram. If you interlink them, you can draw many followers from Facebook to your Instagram account.


Although it looks simple, when we get into the real business we realize that it is not “so easy” to be successful with social media. People do not follow you just because you exist. You need to be unique and creative with your content ideas to be followed by people. Use our advice and keep working hard- with time and patience you will see the desired results.

How to Grow your Twitter Followers the Right Way

There are new businesses which are sprouting every second. The competition for customers is reaching new heights every day. Marketing and brand creation have taken up the position of kingmakers.

Social networking is becoming their most powerful weapon. Twitter is gaining importance in the marketing world for its real-time impact. With Twitter, you can create an audience, share ideas, and promote your business. Twitter is great for maintaining loyal customers and attracting new ones — all in one go! But what’s success without a little hard work?

While all this seems easy and smooth on paper, in reality, it could be a tough grind! Some companies might like quick-fixes. They may like buying a large number of followers, but they forget that puppets have no voices.

So how should one ignite an organic growth in one’s twitter followers? Here are some tried and tested ways:

Creating a Chorus of Retweets

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In this step, you need to tweet content which seems alluring and fresh to the general audience. You need to compel them to retweet your content again and again. It will establish your brand value and publicize it among the masses. You can:

  • Use links in your tweets which have a higher probability of getting retweeted.
  • Try including images to ensure engagement of your audience.
  • Add relevant hashtags to your posts which will be seen when new users search for words related to your posts, increasing your followers gradually.
  • Make your page look lively and increase its visibility by posting frequently. Tools like HootSuite and SproutSocial, which schedule your tweets often come in handy.
  • Ask for Retweets. A study suggests that tweets including “please retweet” in their text are four times more likely to be retweeted.
  • Tweet motivational and inspirational quotes or proverbs since they’re very likely to get retweeted.

The Follow Dance on Twitter

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Following others creates a greater probability of getting followed by them.

  • You may start by following more and more people. It’s proven that the more you follow others, the more followers you get in your account.
  • Use an actual image of yourself as a profile picture rather than your logo since no one wants to follow a faceless brand.
  • Upload your email contacts to Twitter and find more people you know. Follow backs are fast if you’re connected to them in real life.
  • Make it extremely easy for people to reach you by using a follow button in your website and your blog.
  • To find more Twitter users to connect with, use Twiends which helps its users with similar interests to get listed accordingly and then follow each other increasing your circle of followers.

Making your content visible

Having optimized content and settings, increase the visibility of your account to new users and tempt more people to join your twitter world.

Start with including optimized search keywords in your bio, and to attract local users, do add your city or region name.

  • other increasing your circle of followers.

Making your content visible

Having optimized content and settings, increase the visibility of your account to new users and tempt more people to join your twitter world. Start with including optimized search keywords in your bio, and to attract local users, do add your city or region name. Tweeting on weekends is linked with about 17% more engagement from followers in general. So, grab this opportunity and keep your Twitter account highly active on the weekends.

  • Reference users in your tweets and mention their names frequently. People more often contribute to discussions where they’ve been specifically mentioned.
  • Find new followers using Ignitwit. Choose your topics of interest, and you’ll receive a list of people you should follow. They will even tell you who decided not to follow you back, giving you a chance to eliminate/unfollow the uninterested parties.
  • Make it a point to reply to questions. This not only shows your social media etiquettes but also highlights that you take notice of your followers’ queries and care to solve them, making your account worth following back.

Effective promotion of your Account

Promoting your account is an inevitably important process. It helps your brand to gain attention and slowly become a household product.

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  • Start by publishing your twitter account in all your marketing materials which will include business cards, brochures, signs and your website too.
  • Promote your twitter account on all your social networking platforms. Entice your audience by mentioning about interesting discussions that you’re engaging in, on Twitter.
  • Do not forget to include your username in the author bio of your guest posts.
  • Participate in popular twitter chats. Chats are great tools to engage with your customers and establish a connection in a short period. Follow them afterwards; they’re most likely to follow you back.
  • Try tweeting often between 1 pm to 3 pm when Twitter traffic is at its peak ensuring that you engage more and more people by asking questions or posting on relevant topics which are bound to sell like hotcakes!