Another Side of “Yoda”

Originally I posted and shared this on my personal Facebook account (January 12, 2019) with some edits and thought this should also be shared with you here. Just in case somebody needs something that’s not with the popular mindset or brain flow of most people nowadays.

I saw this, being shared around Facebook and through Messenger and I don’t know where this came from; so all credits are to whoever is the owner or owners of the statement and picture.

I would like to analyze it down piece by piece. Not for debate or to counter what they say. More of, to make others “see” this side of thinking.

Fear is a path to the dark side.
– fear is not a path to the dark side. Fear will always be there whether we like it or not. But what will you do with that fear and why do you have that fear are the better questions to ask yourself. And being afraid will not take you to the dark side. It’s not wrong to be afraid.

Fear leads to anger.
– yes. In most cases it will lead to anger because you don’t understand it in a way how your brain connects, how you experience life, who you are as a person. One must admit that we shouldn’t be angry when we don’t understand it or it’s not the same as to how we see life or how we want to see life. This is based from my own, the people I know, the people I observe and the people that I learn about (for educational purposes).

Anger leads to hate.
-yes. When we don’t know how to handle it in a way that you go beyond it. Going deeper. Analyzing it. Or just plain emotion that you responded because of how your brain connects. But not all the time that when you are angry about someone or towards someone is that you hate him/ her. It can also be you are hurt or that this person didn’t do or say what you want or he/she did something that presses your buttons that can go against who you are or what you want your perceived life to be.

Hate leads to suffering.
-why do you hate someone or something? Do you really know? If you don’t know, learn where this hate is coming from. If you know, what if we take away some bits and pieces of it; will you still hate him/her/it? Will it be hard enough to swallow your pride and ego to admit something that you too did something or that you two are not the same. Different people. Different wirings. Don’t be too consumed in your own world. Go the extra mile of a world that you don’t know. And see it’s not so bad after all. It’ll also help you grow as a person and learn more about your self and others. Don’t hinder yourself about certain things. Oftentimes it’s you that you can’t see it quite well with how is this being presented to you. Don’t hate first. Because this negative emotion can also destroy you whether you admit it or not that can lead you to suffering the consequences of your actions. But that doesn’t mean you cannot get out of this. You now know. Do you like it or not? So now that you know, what will you do afterwards and the next time you get the chance?

Let us just accept the things that doesn’t go our way. Let us accept the things that we are experiencing. All of it. To find better solutions and answers. To help ourselves. Accepting one’s fault, flaw, mistake, emotion can help us deal with what’s presented. Let’s just love ourselves.

*clarification: I know who the character Yoda is but there are people behind these. That’s what my first statement (line 1, 2, 3) states.

The Emerging Link Between a Dating App to Business Prospects

Hello everyone! How was your holiday? I hope whatever you choose is what you really want to happen. If not, don’t worry. You still have chances to make it up with yourself or to whoever it is, not just during the holidays.

Let’s wiggle some extra glitter and start painting. Let’s start!

Who here have or had experiences using websites or apps that was originally made for dating? I know some of you guys had experiences or are currently active with it. No judgment here. Don’t worry. I’m guilty of this. I used three (3) targeted dating platforms. Two (2) were websites that links to your Facebook account. One (1) is an app that can also double with its website. But if you will include a website that connects you to random people of all ages and genders without the main intent of creating it as a dating platform as to it’s developers and creators and that of a Facebook game then I have five (5).

Topface, Spin the Bottle, Tinder, Omegle, OkayCupid were the ones I’m referring to.

Originally, my main reason for using these is to talk, to communicate to random people. Now, you see where my love of talking gets me. (Well except, Tinder. I have different goals on that. So is, Spin the Bottle game on Facebook). But then it bloomed to something more. I met some crushes, prospects and the like.

But then it happened. So suddenly. The guys from the age range of 18 up are asking me to join them in their projects and or companies. Some were more of collaborations. I didn’t expect to have business proposals to be sent next to flirty messages. I also didn’t expect to read a business proposal sent to a dating platform. It was so fast and fluid that in a snap that was the subject that kept me and those guys communicating. I was confused and a little bit bothered by where I am reading business proposals. So to make it clearer, I always give my whatsapp number so I know that this means business and will not somehow shift to another flirtatious message that can at some point give mixed signals.

I’m not sure where this kind of business prospecting started but what I’m sure of is it is starting and it’s happening to me. Most of the time over Tinder. I cannot give you screenshots or pictures of the said business proposals that I’m getting due to privacy and the personalities involved. But these are legit. One of which I’m currently actively helping is a Business Development Manager from an aviation school in the Philippines; that teaches pilots and crew members the aviation trade and to be ready when things didn’t go by the books (this is what I can only share as I am actively helping him and the owners).

I also have theater play casters, artificial intelligence engineers, actors, photographers, accountants, lawyers, Chief Executive Officers, professors, human resource owners, mathematics wiz, etc. Some of my guy friends came from these dating sites and apps. Some of my projects came from these as well.

I’m not sure where this sudden shift comes from. I’m not sure if this is an effective way of building and transacting businesses. And I’m not even sure how long this will go. But two things I (strongly and deeply) confirmed from all of these. Don’t judge people and the situation too easily and there are people who gives out trust and opportunities in a snap of their fingers (in which I’m very much grateful for).

The connection of business prospects and transactions and these dating platforms? That we should just quite somehow see how this will go. Let’s not kill it. Let’s see how effective this link can go and where it will lead us in our recent and future projects.

This is just a “Did You Know” kind of thing that we should recognize; that it’s existing in this day and age in my own experiences (and some core lessons).

Have you had any experiences with this? Tell us down in the comments section.

First Entry: Introduction

A leader in our own little to grand ways. Sparking something from within. The kind that you’ll be proud of yourself, that you can easily connect and initiate without having your doubts get to you way too much. To also make you grow as a person. I want you to have that something to inspire or motivate you to “just do it”.

Hello. Hello to the thousands of readers, subscribers of The Startup Growth!

I’m the new girl from the Republic of the Philippines. I was chosen and invited by our dear Editor to write for The Startup Growth.

To start, I was both excited, undecided and unsure of so many factors. Originally, I have three articles to publish but since I got lost (in direction; asking myself, is it really the right one) as to I was excited to write for you. You, the international scene in which most I probably never encountered in the past. That I’ll be tackling something that’s raw, personal and “nude”. The very essence of a person. A probably bold move to some. But I want you, our readers to also somehow connect to us, to let me “see” you. To make you “see” yourself too. That means to the effect that we’ll discover something about each other, the real deal and that we can all be “somebody” at the same time. A leader in our own little to grand ways. Sparking something from within. The kind that you’ll be proud of yourself, that you can easily connect and initiate without having your doubts get to you way too much. To also make you grow as a person. I want you to have that something to inspire or motivate you to “just do it”. To just trust yourself. The real pure deal. So when you experience the same dilemma that I had, you have that something to go back to. Whatever that may be.

Me, I have my previous boss’ book. He is also my idol as to how he connects to people, the passion, the realness, the eager to learn, the respect to all sorts of people. I go back to that. I go back to him and that sparks something in me to just let go and write. I want you dear readers to have that. So as to my first article for The Startup Growth, I want you to have that, to look for that and share it with us. Let’s start from within first. It all starts from within then it goes out. Just let yourself. Feel free.