Open Work Spaces Can Make You Sick

In just about every start-up, our office space was a room with whatever furniture we could pull together that could support some weight, didn’t wobble with regular use, and wasn’t sticky to our touch.  Designers came along and called this “eclectic.”  We called it “free.” As you focus on your core business interests and direction,

Avoid the BuzzFart!

Announcements rippling throughout the digital news and entertainment space are focusing more these days on layoffs than on earnings or next stage funding.   Numerous industries are reporting growth slowing, the international trade questions continuing to loom large, consumer confidence is quirky, and communications coming out of corporations, government agencies, and various international news media are

Your Customers Aren’t Bots!

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While Chat Bots continue impressive development through exhaustive AI endeavors, deep machine learning, etc., they will never replace the power of a real engagement between people. 

Be a Pig, Not a Chicken

    The difference between being committed and being involved is easily illustrated by thinking about that eggs and bacon breakfast you had recently.  The chicken that laid those eggs was clearly involved, but that pig that created that bacon was committed. Success requires commitment – so be a pig not a chicken! Starting any

Snap, Crackle, Pop

Prepare For That First Impression Before You Need It! You’re going to network, right?  You’re going to dialog with strangers that may become colleagues, prospects, clients, audiences, even friends.  You’re going to do this face to face, in digital or print, on the phone, in front of ad hoc or planned groups and even large
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