Top 10 Must Follow Digital Marketing Trends In 2019

Are you working in an online market or running e-business or thinking to opt for a career in the digital market…

Then there are the huge possibilities that you are wondering to know what comes new in the digital market which has the huge potential of exponential growth in the future for the careers & businesses. It’s very crucial for people who are working in the digital market to adopt changes and act accordingly as fast as they can because, as we all know that we have been shifting towards the internet market where almost everything will be online either it’s job or business or other activities. but, we also know that it’s the internet market which is changing very fast then how can find the opportunity in it! That’s why, if you are in the digital market then you have to be more flexible to adapt the things fast to grow in the ever-evolving market.

To give a brief answer after studying this matter into the depth, we have found there are some digital marketing trends which have the more potential to become a prosperous industry in the future. Here are the top 10 Digital marketing trends in 2019 which will help you to opt for a suitable career in your life…

1.) Video Marketing – Video will be the next future of consuming content online (Forbes) and hence people who are involved in the video marketing industry, it will be great for them to make a career in this field.

2.) Artificial Intelligence – Today every economist, scholars as well as the renowned tech entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, Jack Ma, Masayoshi Son, Jeff Bezoz and so on… are talking about artificial intelligence that how it’s going to shape our future! And it will be really an exponentially emerging field where people look for the future.

3.) Voice Search – As per the surveys, it’s shown that in 2020, 50% of searches on Google will be through voice however in current time it’s already crossed the 30% so it’s a great opportunity for the online market leaders to make their marketing and business strategy according to these changes.

4.) Story Telling – Storytelling has more potent whether it’s in the business or politics or marketing and selling of goods and services because people love stories.

5.) Influence Marketing – Before the revolution of internet, people are influenced by the only big public figure, celebrities or politicians but thanks to the internet who gave the opportunity to become an influencer for every person in their field by helping and solving the problem of their audience.

6.) Marketing & Sales Funnels – It’s been an ever-green option for past so many decades because there is a huge demand in every organization who can make their marketing and sales funnel effectively. 

7.) Marketing Automation – Since we all want simplification in our task so it has huge potential that businesses will prefer to automate their marketing activities. Hence in the digital market, there is an enormous demand for such tools and techniques.

Marketing Automation

8.) Social Media Marketing – It’s not rocket science but it has already applied in the business industry for past several centuries but in the technology era, it has shifted on the internet for so-called facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on… where businesses are trying to build trust & emotional connection with their customer and hence most of the organization are trying to build their presence on social media by collaborating with the best Digital marketing company in India.

9.) Multi-channels of marketing – Nowadays businesses are more dynamic, and they want to do their promotion through the multiple channels so it also adds an advantage if someone is trying to do multi-channel of marketing.

10.) Data Analytics – Data plays a crucial role before taking any action in business or even in every stage of our life. It’s one of the most emerging fields where has a huge opportunity by using the data.

However sometimes it becomes hard for the businesses to make expertise in all these areas, that’s why we, Interactive Pixels – A Digital marketing agency in Delhi, are providing the all types of marketing services to businesses so that they can build their brand online and take advantage of these trends without taking out their focus from their main business task.

Author: Tarun sahu

Digital Marketer! Content Writer! Online Influencer