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Intelligent Networks Market – Reporting and Evaluation of Recent Industry Developments & Business Strategies

Global intelligent network market is anticipated to grow at a significant rate during the forecast period (2018 – 2024). An intelligent network is a network that delivers precise technical competencies and this system is associated with telecoms network as technological advancements are expanding the proficiencies of his segment beyond facilitation of phone calls. Furthermore, increase in data volume and evolving patterns of data traffic is expected to further drive the growth of intelligent network market across the globe.

Intelligent network market in Asia-Pacific is expected to Witness Fastest Growth during the Forecast 2024The introduction of latest technologies that includes 5G, cloud and IoT is rapidly increasing the complexity of networks, which is driving the growth of intelligent network market across the globe. With the advent of latest technologies, the IT experts are progressively updating their techniques and adopting these technological developments in order to aid newly developed tools such as intelligent network. According to a recent report published by Ericsson, it has been indicated that the developing technologies such as IoT and 5G are making the daily operations of business organizations more complex and difficult.

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Geographically, Asia-Pacific is expected to witness fastest growth during the forecast period. The growth of intelligent network market in this region is attributed towards increasing number of service providers of cloud and telecom operators that are expansively depending upon artificial intelligence assisted solutions. Moreover, North America is estimated to generate largest revenue in 2017 and is expected to grow at significant rate during the forecast period. The network intelligent solution in this region is observing rampant growth due to latest technologies such as virtualization of network, deep learning and analytics.

The intelligent network market is fragmented with the presence of key players such as Cisco, Tech Mahindra, Huawei, Netcracker, Ericsson, Aruba, Netrolix, Nokia, Sandvine, and Ennetix. However, these players are looking for mergers and acquisitions as a strategy to increase their market share.

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