Manifesting Works For Business

The word ‘manifesting’ is normally attached to so called ‘woo woo’ people who talk about attracting good things into your life with the power of your thoughts.  But if you understand how powerful our minds are, there is nothing woo woo about it.

Every single human has the power to use their thoughts for good. We really are what we think and when we think good thoughts, we do benefit from the results. Using our thoughts, feelings and actions we can manifest what we want to happen in business; not just for that new sports car or overseas holiday but the type of business we want to run and the clients we want to attract.

It is not magic. It is not weird and wonderful. It is a power that, as we research it more and more, we better understand the power of the mind. The universe is made up of energy. We are energy. Thoughts are energy. When we focus that energy on either good or bad, like attracts like. This means whatever we focus on – good or bad thoughts, statements and actions – can manifest.

If you are wondering why you keep attracting those painful clients, or why no one pays your invoices on time or why you are always late to meetings, it starts and ends with your thoughts, feeling and actions.

Simply put, you get what you focus on.

Of, course, no one really asks for bad things to happen to them. At least not consciously. However, how we respond to what happens to us, determines whether that event was a positive or a negative one.

How do you get what you want in business?

It is a three-step process – Recognise, Reflect and Resolve. Every time you catch yourself spiralling down the negative pathway, do this …


Stop. First we need to Recognise what is going on in your life? My book ‘Free from Fear’ can help you with the process of recognising where you are at. All of us have a parrot on our shoulder talking rubbish in our ear; quite often we are not conscious of this. This lack of awareness allows this script to play over, and over, eventually taking complete control over our life experience.

Recognise it as your ego. Ego wants to keep you where you are. Recognise you are not the thoughts in your head; those thoughts are not real.  When you become aware of your own behaviour, you can change.  

I remember a really nice guy I went to school with. He was smart, good looking – women loved him – and good guy. Yet, because he was an orphan, he had this script playing in his head that he had been left behind, abandoned. This played out through his whole life. Culminating in a viscous cycle of substance abuse and gambling. His life did not have to be like that, but he was trapped by his unconsciousness, which manifested all the bad into his life. Of course, he had a choice. We all have choices – he just chose to take that path, albeit unconsciously.


No one wants to have negative experiences or wants a life of unhappiness, so the next step is to Reflect. What would prefer to happen, what is the alternative to this negative life experience? If you are having an argument or conflict with someone, reflect on what that is bringing up in you and them.  By understanding what the problem is, what creates the issue, you can then determine what you would rather happen.

Think of it like this – every interaction has a point A – current state – and a point B (what we want to be true. We often get lost in how to get to point B. This where reflection comes in. It is not as hard as we think; the problem in itself is simple but the problem with simple is a lot of people do not do it. They discount it as unhelpful


To reach a resolution, a way through the cycle of negativity is to ask ‘what would love do?’. Love is the ultimate in the universe. When it comes to manifesting a great life, this is the point we always want to come back to.  Would love get angry back? Would love be nasty? Would love seek revenge? No, love would not. You cannot resolve an issue by holding onto it. We’re not talking romantic love, but unconditional love. Conflict and negativity come from darkness, from fear. Dark cannot survive in the presence of light. The path to a great life is dealing with the negative in a different way.

Einstein is attributed with quote ‘you cannot change anything with same energy that created it,’.  If you create a situation out of fear, anger, hate, you cannot resolve situation with the same to it. You only make it bigger.  The only way to Resolve it is to add the opposite energy to the situation to dispel it. To combat fear driven experiences, choosing Love and doing what Love would do, will resolve it, almost immediately.

Author: Andrew Hackett

Andrew Hackett is an international best-selling author with more than 20 years of experience helping people think outside their limitations and move beyond their fears so they can accomplish amazing things in their life, business, and relationships.

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