Rare and Beautiful it is to even EXIST!

No, I am not the owner of this line, but isn’t this truly meaningful in this seemingly meaningless world? You are glancing at the above line reading it again on your phone or computer to find deeper meaning. And now you wonder, who the hell is this guy and what is he even talking? And you don’t realize that you don’t want to read this whole post that literally talks about nothing yet almost everything but you can’t resist it, can you? At least, I can’t while I type this.

So, to answer the above question, the line is from a song called Saturn from Sleeping At Last. It has beautiful music, amazing lyrics, and breathtaking visuals. Be sure to check it out. But why does it matter? It matters because we are here and we exist. But then something strikes me like lightening does, do we really exist? That’s what I intend to find out by the end of this post.

I have been on a train of uncertainty my whole life traveling to the destinations I could be certain of. But finally, I have realized the basic understanding of uncertainty or even life. At this point of my life, if I am certain of anything, then it is uncertainty of life. Read it again. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Let me put this in Mark Manson’s quote in ‘The Subtle Art Of Not Giving AF*ck’, “The desire for more positive experience is itself a negative experience. And, paradoxically, the acceptance of one’s negative experience is itself a positive experience.” But this is not just about me. It’s about us. So, let’s talk about us.

What do you think light is? Such a silly question, immature me! No, literally what is light? Ask yourselves first. Now, light is absence of darkness. Correct. So it means light can exist when darkness doesn’t exist. But, wait! Then, it means light is dependent on darkness. And even if only one of them can exist at a time, it can’t exist if there is no existence of another. Shit, mystery solved. Not really. Knowing this phenomenon is of no use if I don’t know how to apply this shit in real life. But, how can this help me in real life? It can’t right? Or maybe it can. Back to the point.

I was recently watching Former President of USA, Barack Obama’s eulogy of Late John McCain where he re-quoted Ernest Hemingway, “Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be. But what will happen in all the other days that ever come can depend on what you do today.” And I wondered, it’s all about this day, this hour and this moment. Everything depends on right now. And there is no such thing is right time. In fact, there is no such thing as time (let’s save this crap for later). Everything that you do will, directly or indirectly, affect your life. You don’t know it yet, but it’s going to come back to you. I can promise you that. Then, why do we waste our “right now” moment in grieving about the past or worrying about the future?

Now, we are talking. Because, more than anything, my friend, life is all about the Game of Regrets. Regretting about the thing you did or thinking about regretting things you might do. But we don’t realize that regretting about yesterday is going to make us regret tomorrow about today you wasted in regretting. Wait, WTF? Yup, read it again. So, it means we don’t have to regret about anything. Maybe not. I don’t have any regrets. I have been called selfish, greedy, careless and whatnot. And I have also been called a best friend, best person and best son. It’s not me, who is different. The perceptions are. I don’t regret anything because everything that I knowingly or unknowingly did have helped me reach here, to right now. And right now is beautiful. I am happy. So, there is no place regrets.

So, accepting what you have done yesterday, what you are right now and what you will do tomorrow is the only way forward.

We need to understand why beautiful is really beautiful – because there is ugly. Without existence of ugliness, there is no such thing as beauty. Without day, there is no night. Without night, there is no light. Without light, there is no darkness. And the list goes on, but you get the point. We need to learn how to accept both happiness and sadness. We need to accept both light and darkness. We need to accept both beauty as well as ugliness. We need to accept for the things that they are. Let me tell you that you are beautiful. You are strong. You are fierce. And there will always be a storm coming at your way, one after the other. There will always be something to run after beyond that horizon. The race to the horizon and beyond will continue for ages and more. But you will make it beyond that horizon and the horizon beyond that. You will, trust me. Only, if you believe in right now. Only if you think right now is only thing you have and you have to make it through this moment, and repeat again and again and again. And always remember to tell yourself Hemingway’s line whenever you lose the sight of horizon – Today is the only day in all the days that will ever be. But what will happen in all the other days that ever come can depend on what you do today.

And right now is rare and beautiful. It truly is. You ask me, why? Because, we exist!

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