North America is the largest SDN Market Due To Earlier Advancements in the Technology

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Software defined networking (SDN) technology is an approach that helps the providers to avail network management to its customers. In order to improve performance and monitoring of network SDN enables efficient and effective configuration to the users. Furthermore, this technology provides ease and control for maintenance of complex networks. It also the users to decrease the obstacles provided by the traditional network infrastructure and further help them in contributing towards the growth of SDN market across the globe. SDN is the most effective way to manage big data, which generates large amount of highly distributed data related to marketing, business operations, productions which are analyzed to enable better decision-making. Moreover, it has been observed that extensive deployment of data centers are further strengthening the growth of SDN market across the globe.

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Growth Drivers

The increasing demand for better technologies and the increasing deployment of data centers are the key factors that attribute towards the growth of the SDN market across the globe. Due to rapid advancements in the technology, SDN is gaining huge popularity owing to more efficient and effective working environment. Furthermore, with the increasing adoption of internet of things there is a very huge demand and growth for the data centers and cloud networking technologies in both emerged as well as emerging economies which eventually strengthen the growth of the market across the globe.

Geographic Overview

Geographically, North America is the largest SDN market due to earlier advancements in the technology of this segment. Furthermore, increasing adoption of SDN technology by various large enterprises for enhancing the efficiency and flexibility of its business operations is the key factor pertaining towards the growth of the SDN market in this region.

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Moreover, Asia-Pacific is anticipated to witness fastest growth during the forecast period due to the increasing deployment of data centers and increasing demand from various small and medium enterprises related to adoption of cloud computing technology is bolstering the growth of the SDN market across the globe.

Competitive Insight

Key players in SDN market are evolving latest technologies and performing mergers and acquisitions that are further helping the key players to attain competitive advantage. However, it has been observed that local players are depending upon new technology to develop cost efficiencies, thus increasing the rivalry in the market to some extent. The prominent players in the SDN market include Ericsson AB, Nokia Corporation, Intel Corporation, Cisco Systems, Inc., Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., Dell Inc., PICA8, Inc. Hewlett-Packard, Intel Corporation and Big Switch Networks, Inc. 


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