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Originally I posted and shared this on my personal Facebook account (January 12, 2019) with some edits and thought this should also be shared with you here. Just in case somebody needs something that’s not with the popular mindset or brain flow of most people nowadays.

I saw this, being shared around Facebook and through Messenger and I don’t know where this came from; so all credits are to whoever is the owner or owners of the statement and picture.

I would like to analyze it down piece by piece. Not for debate or to counter what they say. More of, to make others “see” this side of thinking.

Fear is a path to the dark side.
– fear is not a path to the dark side. Fear will always be there whether we like it or not. But what will you do with that fear and why do you have that fear are the better questions to ask yourself. And being afraid will not take you to the dark side. It’s not wrong to be afraid.

Fear leads to anger.
– yes. In most cases it will lead to anger because you don’t understand it in a way how your brain connects, how you experience life, who you are as a person. One must admit that we shouldn’t be angry when we don’t understand it or it’s not the same as to how we see life or how we want to see life. This is based from my own, the people I know, the people I observe and the people that I learn about (for educational purposes).

Anger leads to hate.
-yes. When we don’t know how to handle it in a way that you go beyond it. Going deeper. Analyzing it. Or just plain emotion that you responded because of how your brain connects. But not all the time that when you are angry about someone or towards someone is that you hate him/ her. It can also be you are hurt or that this person didn’t do or say what you want or he/she did something that presses your buttons that can go against who you are or what you want your perceived life to be.

Hate leads to suffering.
-why do you hate someone or something? Do you really know? If you don’t know, learn where this hate is coming from. If you know, what if we take away some bits and pieces of it; will you still hate him/her/it? Will it be hard enough to swallow your pride and ego to admit something that you too did something or that you two are not the same. Different people. Different wirings. Don’t be too consumed in your own world. Go the extra mile of a world that you don’t know. And see it’s not so bad after all. It’ll also help you grow as a person and learn more about your self and others. Don’t hinder yourself about certain things. Oftentimes it’s you that you can’t see it quite well with how is this being presented to you. Don’t hate first. Because this negative emotion can also destroy you whether you admit it or not that can lead you to suffering the consequences of your actions. But that doesn’t mean you cannot get out of this. You now know. Do you like it or not? So now that you know, what will you do afterwards and the next time you get the chance?

Let us just accept the things that doesn’t go our way. Let us accept the things that we are experiencing. All of it. To find better solutions and answers. To help ourselves. Accepting one’s fault, flaw, mistake, emotion can help us deal with what’s presented. Let’s just love ourselves.

*clarification: I know who the character Yoda is but there are people behind these. That’s what my first statement (line 1, 2, 3) states.

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