Expert Round Up: What is your favorite digital marketing tool?

digital marketing tools

Finding the right digital marketing tool can make a dramatic impact on the growth of your company. Digital marketing is a vast field that covers email marketing, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and the list goes on and on. A good strategy to find the right tool for your company is to talk to other people. Find out what digital marketing tools that they are using for their business and why it is crucial for their growth.

digital marketing tools

We asked 18 experts to provide their thoughts on what digital marketing tool is most valuable to their work.

Expert 1: Paul Juchima

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Tools: Convertri, ActiveCampaign

email marketing

One of the most valuable digital marketing tools of my business is the marketing funnel building software called Convertri ( My team and students use this tool to build fast loading funnels that allow brands to provide offers and track prospects to nurture them through their sales funnel to become paying customers.

ActiveCampaign ( is the next handy tool, as it allows us to send email automation as part of plugging into that marketing funnel, including sending welcome email sequences as well as cart abandonment email sequences, helping you increase conversions and sales.

Expert 2: Aodhan MacCathmhaoil

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Tools: SEMRush


At we provide low-cost waste and recycling services to small and medium Aussie companies.

For us – Semrush is definitely the most useful.

It is vital to our SEO and content creation efforts.

The magic word tool is perfect for finding the right keywords and long tail terms.

We also use it daily to check for errors like broken links.

Expert 3: Matt Antonino

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Tools: Ahrefs

search engine optimization

Easily the most powerful tool we use in our business is Ahrefs ( Not only is it a fantastic backlink checker for excellent link analysis but we use it for content analysis, competitor research, and penalty checking. Ahrefs has a simple and powerful API to do big data segmenting and analysis. The Content Gap tool is one of the least used but most powerful tools in the entire tool suite.

We use a wide range of tools, and while Ahrefs is no secret, it’s often compared alongside Majestic, Moz and other link tools when it does so much more and with far better results.

Expert 4: Joshua Lewis

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Tools: ActiveCampaign, Unbounce, Sendible, Bonjoro

marketing automation

In this modern day and age, everything comes down to marketing, and today we’re going to be discussing our favourite digital marketing tools. For us, we find that as a company that deals with business-to-business we do use LinkedIn quite a bit for our marketing. We find that its quite useful and that people are conducive to getting information about a business through LinkedIn. For businesses that have a more business-to-consumer type approach, we find Facebook works better. But for us, LinkedIn is fantastic.

There are other tools that we use to support our marketing efforts. We use this fantastic tool called ActiveCampaign. It gives the ability to email out our clients, see if our clients have read the email, and can if they have clicked on any of the links. We use this to see whether we have customer engagement. From there, we can then score our customers and work out where they sit, how they feel about our services, and how engaged they are. This is cool.

One of the other ones that we use is called Unbounce. Unbounce is all to do with landing pages. Now a landing page is something where you want to try and make sure that you’re answering the question to whatever your client or your prospecting client has. What this tool does is that it gives you a super, quick page that has only one that’s of interest on it.

website design

For instance, maybe you’re a florist, and you want to make sure that the customers that are coming to you when they search for you on Google. They go to your landing page, and they see on the landing page something like, “Looking for flowers for Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered.” Then you include a little bit of information about why you’re the best person to be buying flowers from, specifically for Valentine’s Day. On a big day with a big rush, when a lot of companies run out of flowers, you guys don’t. Or you know, whatever your point of difference is.

That is an example of what you should have on a landing page. On your florist website, you’d be talking about the different types of flowers that you have, the various arrangements and how you service weddings as well. This page is not exactly geared towards the problem that someone’s asking for. Where if someone’s looking for flowers coming up to mid-February, you can be pretty comfortably sure that they’re going to be confidently looking for their Valentine’s. That’s Unbounce in a nutshell, what a fantastic tool.

So far we’ve covered off on Unbounce and ActiveCampaign. Now let’s move onwards to Sendible. Sendible is another excellent tool. What it lets you do is that if you have a social media post, instead of having to jump into LinkedIn, jump into Twitter, and then across to Instagram, and over to Facebook, you can jump to the one portal, write the message, click send, and it sends it everywhere as a broadcast message. You can also use it to manage any customers or any of the comments that have been made on that message. From that, you can easily respond to the comments, and control everything in one portal. This saves you a lot of time and hassle if you are going to be using social media networks to be broadcasting any messages to your leads or clients.

The last one I’m going to cover off on here is unique. It’s unlike any of the other tools that I’ve seen out there. It is known as Bonjoro. What it does is when someone engages with you on your website, it gives you an email, and says, “Hey, Joe Blog’s just clicked on this link. Would you like to say hello?” What you can then do is you can click on them, and straightaway from there, send them a video. They can then get a video straight from you, a personalised video where they can see that you’re a genuine, down-to-earth person. You’re not just a robot, and there are not 10,000 visitors coming through this site. Even if there is, you’ve set the time aside to go and talk to this lead. I think Bonjoro is a fantastic tool, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops.

 perfectly timed personal videos

These are the tools that we use on a regular basis that have proven to work for us. There are many, many others out there, and there are many others that we use, but these I’d give you a good 80/20 rule. 80% of what you need to achieve would be within those tools there. Hope you’ve enjoyed this, and, yeah, stay good.

Expert 5: Samuel Renotte

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Tools: SEMRush

digital marketing tools

I work as a Search Engine Optimisation & Growth Specialist at Prosperity Media ( we work with medium to large businesses and funded startups.

By far my favourite digital marketing tool would be SEMrush.

SEMrush is my go-to tool for:
-Analysing paid and organic search traffic for your competitors
-Getting new ideas for gaining more organic traffic
-Examining the best-performing social media posts in your industry
-Discovering trending topics and keywords
-Choosing the most effective promotional channels

As you can see from the points above, SEMrush covers a broad range of critical areas and is an absolute must for any serious digital marketer that wants to compete in today’s super competitive market.

Expert 6: Kaitlyn Gillies

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Tools: Later

Instagram scheduling

Here at Oh My Digital, there are a plethora of amazing tools we use, but our number one favourite digital marketing tool would have to be our social media scheduling platform (we use Later).

This one takes the top spot because a content scheduling tool is something we really couldn’t live without in our business – not just for scheduling client’s posts but also our own.

Sharing consistent, high quality and high-value content on social media for almost two years has been so valuable to our business – and it’s responsible for the majority of our growth. We definitely wouldn’t be able to get 50% of our B2B leads via social media if it wasn’t for scheduling tools, so that’s why Later takes the top spot for us.

We’ve used Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Planoloy and Plann in the past too which are all great. The exact one you choose doesn’t matter as it’s mostly personal preference – Later is just our personal favourite at the moment because it’s so lovely to use!

Expert 7: Gregory Golinski

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Tools: Moz Fresh Web Explorer

web explorer

My favorite digital marketing tool is Moz Fresh Web Explorer. It’s a fantastic tool to find mentions of your company online. You can reach out to the websites that talk about your business to try to turn these mentions into backlinks for SEO purposes.

Expert 8: Ryan Jones

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Tools: Woodpecker


A lot of my work revolves around outreach. Whether this is merely a marketing effort to bring in new clients, or whether I am reaching out to websites to get links for existing clients, I need to send a lot of emails. Woodpecker is by far my favourite digital marketing tool as it allows me to create and send emails in bulk, but also manage the responses to these emails. It even allows me to send automated follow-up emails to the people who haven’t responded! This has taken my outreach to a whole new level!

Expert 9: Quentin Aisbett

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Tools: SEMRush

competitor research

I run Australian-based digital agency OnQ Marketing. I’d love to contribute to your roundup by talking about the most valuable tool to our work. Although tough to single out just one, I have to mention SEMRush.

SEMRush is a tool that offers so much for us as a digital agency. It is what we consider to be the ultimate all-rounder. From an SEO perspective, it allows us to run site audits and monitor progress, whilst performing other crucial aspects of our job including keyword and competitor research, backlink auditing, and much more. It is also expanding its solutions also to help support our PPC management. Not only does SEMRush help us do our jobs better, every day, it saves us the sort of time that can make or break the agency business model.

Expert 10: Brogan Renshaw

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Tools: SEMrush

marketing tools

With over 5700 marketing tools available and more being added every day (see –, how do you select only one?

If we were restricted to one, I would use SEMrush. This tool can be utilised for any business wishing to grow their online presence. From SEO, Online Advertising, Social Media Management our company uses this tool for every client.

From small business to large commercial operations every company can benefit from one of the 40 tools available with SEMrush.

At Firewire Digital we use the tool to keep track of all our clients google search rankings vs. their competitors.

Expert 11: Illia Termeno

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Tools: Ahrefs

keywords research data

We are using Ahrefs tools in our everyday work. Its Keywords research data provides an exceptional level of granularity to learn the interest of target audience and come up with a meaningful content strategy. When doing the initial analysis for the new client, we always use Site audit tool to have a quick overview of the on-site SEO health condition. Then Competing Domains report provides a quick and relevant list of potential competitors. Content Gap is an excellent tool to see if there are any topics with great traffic potential utilized by the competition and not touched by the client.

Thus, Ahrefs is suitable for both: quick analysis to build the list of the hypothesis of what can be improved, as well as doing in-depth research and creating the action plan.

Expert 12: Nikolay Terziev

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Tools: Google Analytics

google analytics

My name is Nikolay, and I’m an SEO expert for LeoPay, digital account for managing online payments.

In my opinion, the most important digital marketing tool that one marketer can’t go without is Google Analytics. Data is vitally important to measure performance. Google Analytics is an excellent tool that is free to use, and almost every marketer can implement it without any special technical knowledge. Not only can you measure performance but you can get a basic idea about your audience.

Expert 13: Mark Crowell

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Tools: Website


Your website should be your best digital marketing tool. Your site should be where you funnel all your social media traffic and generate leads. Having a professional website gives you 100% control over your branding and messaging.

Expert 14: Madelene Rogers

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Tools: Funnel

marketing funnel

As a digital marketer with CanIRank I’ve tested and researched almost every tool in the industry, but one of my favorites is Funnel ( Digital marketing has become such an expansive effort, attempted across a vast variety of platforms and channels and Funnel allows me to quickly see all of our data in one place at a glance with beautiful visualizations. By integrating with over 400 data sources, it’s almost impossible to market somewhere their tool can’t track and quantify for me. I’ll never go back to traditional spreadsheet tracking after seeing how easy and effective Funnel makes my marketing efforts. It saves me time and brain power I can use to focus my message and strategy better.

Expert 15: Amy Kilvington

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Tools: Iconosquare

social media

Iconosquare is a valuable digital marketing tool for all businesses wanting to succeed on social media.

It is a social management tool that provides businesses and social media users with detailed analytics to identify the best type of content to share. This helps to boost your social media presence and grow a bigger and more engaged following. Iconosquare offers information including your best performing content and your best performing times to post.

For instance, images posted at 7pm on Mondays may be your best performers, achieving higher likes, comments and subsequent follows. Iconosquare also allows you to monitor competitors and provides in-depth data relating to their social media accounts. This in turn helps you to build a more informed social media strategy.

Expert 15: Nedelina Payaneva

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Tools: Answer the Public

Blog topic research
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Your blog serves the important purpose of helping your website appear in organic search. Which of course is an important source of website traffic.

In order to accomplish this, however, you need to know what topics your future customers are searching for in relation to your industry or your business. Answer the Public ( is a dynamic tool that helps you discover the perfect blog topics based on the language, or keywords, your customers use.

It works similar to a search engine. Simply type in a keyword relevant to a topic your customers might search for, like “digital cameras”. The tool generates trees of topics base d on real search queries and trending questions commonly searched in relation to this keyword. And voila! Now you can pick the query that best suits your blog and business. So simple, yet so helpful.

Expert 16: Pulkit Gera

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Tools: Ahrefs, ActiveCampaign, Thrive Themes

Thrive themes

My favourite tools are:
Ahrefs -> They have the very BEST SEO tool in the market. I use it everyday for keyword research, content planning and backlink analysis and tracking.
( People have already talked about this tool in this post so I won’t go into much detail)

ActiveCampaign -> It’s also the BEST email marketing tool in existence. It’s got extremely powerful automations which can be triggered in a lot of different ways. If you use it well, even a small business can use ActiveCampaign to personalize the marketing for each individual person on their list.

I also LOVE the site tracking feature (which no one else has) and the fact that you can trigger automations based on page visits. That’s incredibly powerful.

And they allow you to split test the automation itself. Again, this isn’t something that other comparable tools in the market can do. This feature will allow you to optimize every aspect of your automation to make it as good as it can be.

They also integrate with Facebook Custom Audiences. For people running a FB ad campaign and maintaining and email list, this is godsent. And finally, they have a marketplace where you can show off your automations or buy automations created by others. It’s not got a ton of stuff on it yet, but it’s awesome even now.

Thrive Themes Membership -> Thrive Themes have a suite of WordPress plugins that you can use to build a good looking and fast, conversion optimized website.

Their world class plugins include: a page builder, a lead generation plugin, a quiz builder, a headline optimizer, a scarcity marketing plugin, a comments plugin, a testimonial plugin and a comments plugin.

All the products are designed to work seamlessly with each other. I install these plugins on all my WordPress sites and I can’t think of running a blog without them.

Expert 17: Brenda Ledwith

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Tools: Hotjar


One of my favourite digital marketing tools that we use for all of our clients is HotJar ( – it is a fantastic piece of software that allows you to see heatmaps of any page on your website. Most importantly though, HotJar allows you to watch real recordings of visitors using your site. This is incredibly valuable when it comes to conversion rate optimisation and improving user experience to drive increased conversions.

By spending time every month or so looking at past recordings, you can identify any roadblocks that your website visitors are experiencing that are preventing them from completing an action on your website. Are they getting confused with your contact form? Are important call to action buttons not working? You can even identify opportunities to help website visitors through the funnel. For example, if you are noting that many website visitors scroll to the bottom of a landing page, then scroll back up and leave the site, you may want to consider adding buttons or links at the bottom of the page that encourage them to keep moving through your website until they are lead to filling out an enquiry form or making purchase. If you aren’t constantly reviewing how your visitors are using your site, then you are really just making blind judgments about your site that could be costing your business a lot of money.

Expert 18: Casey Bryan

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Tools: Google Search Console

Google Search Console

I use a wide range of tools with my clients however since Grand Cru Digital is focused explicitly on SEO (search engine optimisation) one of the critical tools we use on a weekly basis is Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools).

This free tool from Google has and still is undergoing many updates to improve the tool continually. Mostly it will help you make sure you get the most from organic search.

Google Search Console helps you understand how Google reads and indexes your site. You’ll be able to pick up on errors with pages on your website and understand why specific pages aren’t being shown in Google alongside what keywords are driving people to your site and even how Google sees your structured data and AMP (accelerated mobile pages).

If you’re looking for organic search growth in 2019 and beyond, Google Search Console is a tool you should be one of the tools that you are using more frequently than not.

Author: Ricky Singh, MBA

Editor of The Startup Growth.

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