Unboxing the Mind

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Formulating any type of content takes time. Understanding the context, jotting down the first thoughts, research work, and finally framing it on paper is a process undertaken probably by every content creator. Of course for some step four can come before step two, but we all revolve around the above mentioned four standard procedures.

However, when I moved from writing core journalism pieces (straight news, editorial articles) to creating marketing content for a brand, I realized that there is a crucial factor which was needed to be addressed before starting to operate on the four standard procedures. That is, unboxing the mind and keep yourself open to writing on a wide variety of content. My journey in content creation has seen a similar trend which I intend to share with you.

My first experience of writing published content was on sports websites. I love football, and I enjoyed writing about it. Analysis of players, football matches was my cup of tea. As my articles were getting published I thought they were quite good and I saw myself only as a football writer. I did journalism in my Masters with the idea that to be a sports journalist covering just football. While there was nothing wrong in what I wanted to pursue, I shut my mind towards creating or even thinking about content in any other category. In short, I boxed myself.

Post my Masters; I took up journalism on a freelance basis in different places. These experiences forced me to step out of my box and write about topics which I never thought I could and more importantly never wanted to. Topics such as politics, crime, culture, society were never on my plate, or instead, I never allowed them to be on my plate as a writer. However, as I started to write on such worldly issues, I realized that to be a journalist (or content creator in general), I can’t bind myself around one particular beat.

Delving in marketing content has been the biggest challenge until now. Not only because I am writing content for a healthcare organization, something about which I was highly skeptical, but also because marketing content is aimed towards pulling target customers to your brand. My current employment is where I had to completely shed my barrier regarding what type of content I wished to write. This was a category where I entered with zero knowledge and where I had to create engaging content for an industry is not the most marketable.

I am new to marketing content and even in the field of marketing as such, but suffice to say that I am quite confident about my work. Throughout my journey till now, I understood that there is no “wish” or “want” if you want to be a content creator. It is about taking off the shackles and take an interest in whatever comes your way.

If one wants to become a content creator, then they must love “content” in totality and not only specific categories. Unbox the mind and then see the wonders you create for yourself.

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