How To Grab Your Customer Attention Easily!

Grab Customers Attention Easily In The Noisy Market.

Nowadays, It becomes a hot topic in the organisation, small businesses and even in the large businesses that how can they seek their customer attention in the very noisy market?

Where you are not the only one who wants to grab your customer attention but, there are thousands & thousands of other fish as well as sharks available…

who also want to grab their customer attention, so that they can come first in the mind of their customer.

In fact, today business owners are even ready to invest millions and millions of dollars to just build their brand in the mind of their customer.

But spending a huge amount on advertising will not going to help you build a brand If your message will not be influential & in the right direction.

So how will you ensure that your message is influential & attention grabbing…

Here are few proven techniques which will help you to deliver your idea and message in an influential manner,

to seek your customer attention easily.

1. As Simple As You Can

Keeping message your message as simple as you can, will help you to seek your customer attention easily.

sometimes we are too busy to create our marketing campaign or message unique, attractive and standardized that we forget, It must be simple and easy to use by our target customers.

Remember your customer are too busy with their own complex life & they don’t have time to take some time specially to understand your message & ideas,

If It’s not simple…

2. Unexpected – Create suspense

What will you do if I will lock you in a room with a bared boy or girl which you really love? what will you do…

you will going to love him/her, right

But stop, stop, stop…

It’s not in a way that you think that bared boy/girl is just 2 years old baby…

Keep Loving Your Children

This is the final message which I want to share with you…

This kind of some mystery & curiosity will give you more power in your words than just saying,

That Hey, You know you should love children.

That’s why you love harry porter because it’s full of mystery & curiosty.

But don’t try to over do it & don’t go out of the context- This will be harmful for you.

EX- If you running a social NGO and Just want to create some mystery such as trending hot topics which is out of your context- will harm your brand.

3. Concrete- Connect with their life.

If you can’t connect with your audience with their feelings & life…

so It’s difficult to influence others with your ideas and messages…

Give them pratical life example to show how this will be going to help them.

Remember, people want to connect with them which understand their emotion & feelings.

Example- If you are facing the problem of not having a quality time with your love one then If will say, This x product will help you to save your time as millions of people like you…

Then grabs your attention towards my x Product.

4. Credibility & Trust

The most factor that your customer will give you attention & buy products from you, Is Trust.

No matter how attractive you are, but if your customer are not trusting on you then it will not be effective as it should.

So think about how you will be going to make trust towards your target customer because Trust plays an important role in any business.

Here are couple of ways to show your credibility…

A) Power of authority B) Statistics

C) Certificates And so on…

5. Connect Emotionally

You can’t be loyal with those just because they are beautiful by the body But not from the heart, for a long time…

In a same, we don’t loyal with those brands just because they are authorized as a legal brand but not connected with us emotionally.

Remember, Emotions Wins Over The Logic.

6. Story

Story Is the most powerful way to attract anyone attention. It has the power to create visual image in your mind.

Remember, we all love story in our childhood and even now…

We don’t want to listen to just a speech which will be not having any story, we want something spicy (fun & emotion) in our speech.

If your message is just a boring speech then it lacks the efficiency to connect your audience & attract attention towards you.

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Author: Tarun sahu

Digital Marketer! Content Writer! Online Influencer

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