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Hydrophobic coatings are water-resistance coatings. These are used to provide durable protection from abrasion and liquids. These coating is applied to various substrates such as glass, metal, plastics, painted surfaces and others. Using this coating, water on the surface is repelled from the surface in the form of beads. The global hydrophobic market is growing at a good pace, owing to the increasing usage of these coatings in various industries that includes aerospace, automotive, marine, building and construction, and others. Along with that, the superior properties of the coating are also contributing to the hydrophobic coatings market growth such as self-cleaning, anti-microbial, anti-corrosion, and various others.

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The major challenge which is likely to hinder the hydrophobic coatings market growth is the stringent regulatory policies related to these coatings. In order to maintain the sustainable environment, the regulatory authorities have laid down various regulations related to the use of these coatings. For instance, the International Maritime Organizations has many policies and regulations regarding keeping water safe from dangerous additives. While, to stay in the competition, various manufacturers are developing innovative products, however time consuming regulatory approvals and mandates could be a restraint in the hydrophobic coatings market growth.

The hydrophobic coatings market is quite stagnated due to the presence of big players in the market such as BASF SE, PPG Industries, 3M Company, and others. Hence, the presence of such players has made it very difficult for other players to enter the market or survive in the market.

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Asia-Pacific is expected to register the highest growth in the hydrophobic coatings market in the coming years. The region is anticipated to hold the largest share in the overall market. Owing to the increasing hydrophobic coatings demand from end use industries in order to meet the increasing demand of growing population in the region. The increasing investment in various industries due to the rapid industrialization is also expected to fuel the market growth during the forecast period.

Key players in the hydrophobic coatings industry are investing significantly for the development of more environment friendly products, aiming to strengthen their position in the market. BASF SE, Drywired, PPG Industries, The 3M Company, NEI Corporation, Nippon Paint, Aculon, Cytonix, and Surfactis Technologies are some of the key players offering hydrophobic coatings in the market.

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