Interview with Ritu Grover, Founder & CEO, TGH Lifestyle Services Pvt. Ltd.

The Founder Series

The founder series explores the creative minds of entrepreneurs, delving into their journeys to understand a little more about what inspires them and how they got to where they are today. Learning about what makes an entrepreneur tick, the intricacies of their business, and why they provide the service that they do, gives us an insight into the details of their world.

The information that these business owners provide helps inform others who are looking to make an impact as an entrepreneur. These lessons can be applied to our very own journey, so thank you to all who have taken the time to share their knowledge.

Thank you for joining us, Ms. Grover. Can you tell us about your business and the services that you provide?

TGH Lifestyle Services Pvt. Ltd. is known for providing anything and everything that’s legal and ethical, under the sun. We’re experts in concierge services and facility management who help clients maintain their work life balance. Whether you want to keep your facility looking impeccably clean to booking an air ticket, want to host an event or even get a plumber to fix the pipes, our experts can do it all.

Can you recall of any early lesson in life that helped shape who you are today and how have this contributed in your business?

My parents were in the army and I had always been raised in a very modest atmosphere. Discipline is a core value every army brat reflects. I feel that shows in the way I run the organisation. We’re systematic, smart working professionals who have utmost respect for dedication and discipline.

How do you feel as being India’s largest facility management company?

As they say – with great power comes great responsibility. Of course the title of India’s largest facility management company is a huge one and we’ve earnt our way to it but at the same time Team TGH understands that the day we think we’re the best, is the day we’ll start falling down. We’re connected to our roots but at the same time proud of what we’ve accomplished.

What insights and tips would you like to share with current generation’s entrepreneurs?

To all budding entrepreneurs I’d like to say that the most important thing is to hustle. Of course having great ideas is important but putting it into action and speaking it into existence is what actually matters. Wake up every day with an attitude of gratitude and start the hustle. There’s nothing like vacay-time in this line of work. Let your work be your vacation. Be that passionate!

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