4 Types of People You Find on Instagram

Don’t believe everything you see on Instagram. Elon Musk in a recent Joe Rogan interview stated, “Some of the happiest seeming people — actually some of the saddest people in reality,”. Yes, Instagram is a great platform to show your beloved photos, but don’t let it affect your personal happiness seeing others travel the world, take photos with celebrities or post photos with their significant other every day. Here are four types of people you will see on Instagram.

1. The lovebirds

Relationship goals. That’s what everybody says about this couple. But if they are uploading pictures together every day, are they actually happy? Most likely not. I’ve been dating the same girl for nearly two years now without a single Instagram photo and I can safely say we are very happy together. There is no need to showcase every second of your love life on social media. Please don’t be that couple.

2. The gym freak

It’s not a gym selfie unless they are shirtless and they mention their six pack. Constant videos of pull-ups, push-ups, lifts, squats and more fill up your feed daily. That’s not it, pictures of their 5,000 calorie a day high protein diet will make you feel like the most unhealthiest person on the planet.

3. The “rich” dude

The “rich” dude will upload anything to make it seem like he has money. Boarding a private jet that costed them $150 for an empty leg ticket, stacks of money that isn’t theirs, screenshots of Shopify sales from others, or their fake Rolex are all commonly used photos for this Instagrammer.

Hint: if someone has to show the world that they are “rich”. They most likely aren’t. Don’t become the next Little Tay.

4. The food lover

These people will go to fancy restaurants every week. Why? Not for the food, but for the picture. They could care less how the food tasted but they care greatly for the angle and lighting of the picture they are going to take of the food. If you follow someone who posts more photos of food then pictures of themselves, just do yourself a favor and unfollow them.

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