First Entry: Introduction

Hello. Hello to the thousands of readers, subscribers of The Startup Growth!

I’m the new girl from the Republic of the Philippines. I was chosen and invited by our dear Editor to write for The Startup Growth.

To start, I was both excited, undecided and unsure of so many factors. Originally, I have three articles to publish but since I got lost (in direction; asking myself, is it really the right one) as to I was excited to write for you. You, the international scene in which most I probably never encountered in the past. That I’ll be tackling something that’s raw, personal and “nude”. The very essence of a person. A probably bold move to some. But I want you, our readers to also somehow connect to us, to let me “see” you. To make you “see” yourself too. That means to the effect that we’ll discover something about each other, the real deal and that we can all be “somebody” at the same time. A leader in our own little to grand ways. Sparking something from within. The kind that you’ll be proud of yourself, that you can easily connect and initiate without having your doubts get to you way too much. To also make you grow as a person. I want you to have that something to inspire or motivate you to “just do it”. To just trust yourself. The real pure deal. So when you experience the same dilemma that I had, you have that something to go back to. Whatever that may be.

Me, I have my previous boss’ book. He is also my idol as to how he connects to people, the passion, the realness, the eager to learn, the respect to all sorts of people. I go back to that. I go back to him and that sparks something in me to just let go and write. I want you dear readers to have that. So as to my first article for The Startup Growth, I want you to have that, to look for that and share it with us. Let’s start from within first. It all starts from within then it goes out. Just let yourself. Feel free.

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Written by catherineroque

Hello! I'm a new Writer for The Startup Growth. Outside, I'm also a freelance Model, International Booker, Creative Director, Brand Ambassador, Promoter, Junior Partner, Health and Business Coach, Private Secretary. I'm very much interested in arts of all mediums; growing as a person and as a professional; I love learning, big and small. I also love to interact with all sorts of people and animals.


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