5 Unsinkable Mindsets: How to Hardwire Your Life’s Success

5 Unsinkable Mindsets: How to Hardwire Your Life’s Success


When I think about unsinkable, Tony Robbins and Les Brown (Coach and Motivational Speaker respectively) began life with serious disadvantage low income conditioning and no male exemplar of hope and success in their lives.

Today, both are exemplars of unsinkable hope and success. Unsinkable means incapable of sinking. Despite tremendous odds, they are now incapable of sinking. Instead of accepting their lot in life, they rejected their circumstances and created a winning narrative for themselves. I’m on this path. And, I want you to join too.

Be unsinkable in the face of adversity in 5 ways:


Choose your dream career or life despite it feeling unrealistic or insecure, because a choice born of fear, instead of hope, is failure in sheep’s clothing. You make your career or life safe and secure with discerning choices you make.


Moving in the direction of your dream will cause growing pains, while moving away from it causes suffering.


You maintain your life’s momentum when you avoid failure rooting in your mind, because it will grow into tree of disappointment and suffering. Keep looking for your dream and you’ll see it come to pass, as your thoughts and actions point you toward it.


Never let your dream chasing disciplines or routines become so routine they lose value and momentum toward your career or life dreams. You do this by being proactive in what you eat, drink, and think keeping your dream’s achievement at the forefront of all you do.


It’s the only person success was sent to find and no one else.

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With 20+ years’ proven experience coaching and developing individual’s excellence as personal, professional, and leadership development interventions, I have helped small business to corporate organizations like Wal-Mart, Steri-Cycle, Kaiser Permanente, Alstom, Best Western International, Federal Aviation Administration, Dish Network, and many more create work/life success — individually to corporately. My approach focuses on audiences learning, practicing, and producing results sooner than expected. And, I’ll help you or your audience shift toward their greatness, too.

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Millions of people struggle with eating right, maintaining a healthy body weight, overcoming daily sluggishness, healing slowly, and/or not feeling engaged at work and/or in life? They want to change, but are afraid of gimmicks, failure, and wasted time/efforts invested in not producing the right results. And, I felt the same way. You may feel the same way too. For over 20 years, I've learned and coached homemakers to executives breakout embrace better ways to eat, drink, and think toward their most authentic lives, personally and professionally, with the end result of living more engaged, fulfilling, and lucrative lives - almost immediately. WHY: To help others embrace, earn, and contribute their greatest gift for a higher good. HOW: Showing people the benefits and techniques for finding their greatest gift by eating, drinking, and thinking their way toward greater capacity, courage, and support doing the initial heavy lift of dailing in their greatest gift and higher good through: WHAT: Providing workshops, coaching, online training, and public speaking options for awareness building opportunities to share content that sparks and fuels immediate action planning that alleviates individual suffering, in pursuit of their greatest gift contributing to a higher greater good. I invite individuals, teams, and organizations to partner with me in finding what is best in us all, living through that unique gifting, and impacting a higher good, which all drive higher work engagement, customer satisfaction, and scalable productivity by healthier, more innovative people - guaranteed. To learn more visit me - http://bigguylittlekitchen.com

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