The journey of a startup entrepreneur

Since I’ve been in the startup world lifestyle has transformed dramatically. A startup founder doesn’t have the same schedule and same priority has a professional does. Because we do stuff on their own and start a bunch of different from a solo entrepreneur who wants to provide food on his table only. Everyone wants to make money and become a billionaire. They paying bills at the same time is not obvious as we think. The difference between a startup entrepreneur and other business people is huge. Because you need to create big values for the global market, you have to be very Innovative to bring with something new on the market.

A few years ago I was attending an accelerator program with a friend of mine. He gave me the opportunity to partner with him in his venture. What I have learned it’s a very different and completely new world. Because I was working as a freelancer or solo entrepreneur doing consulting under my name BRUNER and it was pretty tough. So this business partner invited me to join our exploration program which was an amazing journey begun for me. Before I didn’t know what was the challenge for startup in such a program. I learned a lot of stuff from validating your business model, do a financial plan, meeting angels and to raise funds I wrote an ebook about.

Like a student or an apprentice, you have to start from the bottom, meaning validating your startup from the idea to a real business model. I learn it while I was building my network or net worth from business partners.

Based on my experiences, the best time to launch your startup is during your studies at a university or college mostly at the end.

For two major reasons, the first one: you don’t have bills as your own. And the second one is the access to many grants and loans available by a city like Montreal, I proud to be an ambassador.

So I started with my partner to lean and spin the business. By the way, I recommend everyone to read this book The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. But during this process, he gave up. Because he didn’t find through this process was suitable for him. Well, I was continuing meanwhile I was also helping by giving my time to help the organization of the program. Just like a school, the teacher was so busy he doesn’t have time to follow up with all the entrepreneurs. They need to have coaching sessions and preparing training sessions and workshops. That where I started my learning curve.

Attending lot workshops and networking events were amazing and time-consuming. Gosh, I was having so much event sometimes I forgot most of the time about lunch and dinner. Anyway, we have mixed salad for dinner in these networking events for sure. Therefore this lifestyle of an entrepreneur may look fun or incredible, in the sense like we meet a lot of business entrepreneur hang out with them, having fun drinks. But you don’t see the hard work, overtimes and family concessions or unpaid bills just to keep the phone working. All you see on Instagram and Facebook and social media it’s only the superficial aspect of networking.

Meanwhile, in this adventure, we’ve met good entrepreneurs. One of them, an African smart gentleman who become my partner of these days. Because he was there to see how we can enjoy this program for this project he has. During that period, I started my a degree in IT governance. It’s helping me because I learn a lot about startups and be able to launch our financial technologies startup netdollar later on. That was my first ten cents for who are thinking about launching a startup. You need advisors, consultants and coachs with experience to help you grow and connect to the next level.

Author: Bruner Noziere


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