Be a Pig, Not a Chicken



The difference between being committed and being involved is easily illustrated by thinking about that eggs and bacon breakfast you had recently.  The chicken that laid those eggs was clearly involved, but that pig that created that bacon was committed.

Success requires commitment – so be a pig not a chicken!

Starting any business venture takes a lot more than buying a URL, setting up a website, social sites, sketching a logo, drafting a plan and so on.  There’s a huge gap between those with ideas and those who execute on their ideas.

Investors are always on the look out for someone who demonstrates commitment and try to avoid those who talk a good talk, but just don’t do the work.

If you’re doing what you choose to do, you’re committed.  If you’re doing only what you must do, you’re compliant and on the short end of “involved.”

So, here’s six quick reminders on what you can do to demonstrate your commitment to success; to yourself, your partner, spouse, or investor.

  1. Do the work, don’t just talk about it
  2. Do the research, don’t just wonder about it
  3. Meet with people, don’t just create lists of prospects
  4. Network regularly, don’t just hope for a referral
  5. Take planned steps every day, don’t just make to do lists
  6. Evaluate what you do on paper, don’t just reflect on the past

Follow-up is the key to success – and if you aren’t strong enough to follow up on your own, hire someone to follow up with you every day.  It works.  Spend a few thousand dollars on reminders, and you’ll do the hard work that needs to be done.

So, commit yourself.  Be a pig!

Author: Allan Rahn

“Inspiring accelerated achievement and long-term improvement” underscores the foundation for Allan’s engagement process with executives through which he drives effective business solutions, practical leadership models, sustainable team effectiveness, and measurable results. Allan’s three decades of experience in developing and leading individuals and teams, senior leaders, executives and C-suite members in corporate environments offer immediate and impactful support to CEOs and other top-level executives and teams.

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  1. Excellent, inspiring, should be required reading, the lesson can be applied to business and just everyday living.

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