The art of public speaking

public speaking

The art of public speaking :

Yes, this is something that we all dread. The moment someone asks you to speak at the year end function or at their wedding,  for a minute your brain says, “yes sure, I can do that” and then, suddenly your brain says “are you out of your mind?”

That, right there, is the key. Yes, you are out of your mind. Let me explain. A lot of the time when we find ourselves having to do something that requires ‘eyes on us’ whether it be, as the CEO speaking at the year end function or the best man at your ‘friends – since – we –were – 5’s’  wedding day, having ‘eyes on us’ suddenly does something to our brains. We start questioning ourselves, limiting ourselves and negating any ability to speak as a speaker. Which may or may not be true but the emphasis we place on ourselves usually only happens in our heads. Your inability to speak isn’t that you don’t have the tools to be able to construct a sentence but rather that you suddenly believe that your tools are broken or suddenly gone.

The point is ‘eyes will be on you’ and when that happens something about you has to change.  

Three keys points to remember:

  1. Get your brain on board first. There are a number of coaching techniques to do this but essentially seek out a coach and work on what you may think the problem could be. With a simple anchoring technique used in Neuro Linguistic Programming one can anchor a state which will elicit a really effective space for anyone to speak from. This can only be done with a professional but can be really effective.
  2. As a speaker, a lot of the time people don’t construct what they are going to say. So please tell a story. Inherently, we all enjoy a good story which essentially has a start, middle, and an end. Be interesting, it helps.
  3. Breathe. The art of breathing really helps with relaxation. Once you learn how to use diaphragmatic breathing properly, your body and your brain starts to learn that you are in control and when ‘eyes are on you’ being in control is necessary.

At Voice by Design we have designed a presentation workshop aimed to give you substantial information and training to help with your public speaking skills. We also have an “Online Master Class” for all entrepreneurs wanting to take their brand to the next level.

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Written by Kevin Britz


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