Silicon Valley is Actively Supporting Emerging Economies, like Nigeria?

SV-NED hosts the Acting-Consul General for Nigeria House, New York NY. After pledging support to the United Nation 2020 Development Goals.

Femi 42 Student (left), Denise Williams SV-NED, Jane 42 Student, Acting-Consul General Nicholas Ellas Esq., Chief Temitope Ajayi & Ola Hassan SV-NED (right).
WhatsApp Image 2018-11-21 at 9.59.08 PM
Ola Hassan Founder Ola’s Exotic African Coffee & Tea (left), Chairman & CEO Chief Temitop Ajayi and His Excellency Acting-Consulate General, Nicholas Ella Esq., Nigeria House, New York, NY (right).
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Lesley Toche Founder/CEO Nextplay Events
SVNED with Mayor of San Francisco, London Breed
Acting-Consul General Nicholas Ella Esq. (left), Mayor of San Francisco London Breed, Chairman/CEO SV-NED Chief Temitope Ajayi (right).

The Salinas Valley’s rich and fertile agricultural ground is nestled between the Sierra /Santa Lucia mountains and the Pacific Ocean. California Ag value is over $60B annually, and Salinas Valley Ag value is over in Crop grown in the valley are some of the best in the world.

3x Mayor of Salinas Dennis Donohue, VP of Church Brothers True Leaf Farms Francis Adenuga and SVNED
3x Mayor of Salinas Dennis Donohue (left), Acting-Consulate General Nicholas Ellas, Chairman/CEO Chief Temitope Ajayi, and Francis Adenuga VP Technical Service Church Brothers -True Leaf Farms (right).
Dean of Hartnell College and SVNED
Acting-Consulate General Nicholas Ella Esq (left), Francis Adenuga VP Technical Service Church Brothers -True Leaf Farms, Dean Clint Cowden of Hartnell College, Chairman/CEO Chief Temitope Ajayi & Denise Williams SV-NED Team (right).
Church Brother and True Leaf and SVNED
Hayden D. Williams III (left) and Chairman CEO Chief Temitope Ajayi SV-NED Team, Acting Consulate General Nicholas Ella, and Francis Adenuga VP Technical Service Church Brothers -True Leaf Farms (right)

The product harvested and processed are distributed across the US and internationally to Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, and Asian countries. The 3-day Economic Summit hosted by SV-NED was put to a close with an award presented to the Acting-Consulate General and SV-NED from the top Elected City Officials of Salinas, CA. The award was presented by the 3x Mayor Dennis Donohue to the Consulate General of Nigeria House, New York NY.

3x Mayor of Salinas, Church Brothers True Leaf, SVNED
Francis Adenuga (left), Dennis Donohue, Chief Temitope Ajayi, Acting -Consulate General Nicholas Ella Esq, and Denise Williams (right) at the Church Brothers True Leaf Headquarters

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