Maybe Being Laid Off Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened to You.

If you are looking at starting your own business, maybe the first thing you need to get rid of is the fear of risking it all.

Let me set the scene for you. You have worked for an employer for the past 10+ years and you’ve received a layoff notice that shatters all your illusions of life-long security. Or perhaps you are in a dead-end career that drains the life out of you, but you still need to provide a living for yourself and your family. Or maybe you see the writing on the wall in your industry and it’s going a direction that will end any hope of a well-paid and satisfying career you dreamed of when you started.

Someone, a friend, a loved one, or maybe even a spouse suggested starting a business, and that is why you are here reading this. You dream of success, but what you crave even more is security. That steady paycheck that arrives every two weeks feels good and it’s enough to make the house payment, buy clothes for your family, and maybe even be able to take a decent vacation every other year.  Risking everything to start a business could leave you and your family devastated and homeless, so you lean towards finding another job and slogging through life until retirement somewhere in the distant future.

But what if you actually succeed?  What if the security you crave is actually the thing that is your biggest enemy? You see, I was once you. I was a U.S. Army Officer hell-bent on a 30+ year career until the Cold War ended and they didn’t need me anymore. I was a Pepsi-Co and Atlantic Richfield middle level executive dreaming of climbing the corporate ladder only to discover life in a big corporation sucks. I was a Career Coach for the world’s oldest and most successful Career Coaching firm until they ran out of money and dissolved.

What I discovered through this is that the security I desired was the very thing that held me back.

I wasn’t willing to risk it all because I perceived that my family only saw me as a provider taking care of their needs.  And yet with every career layoff or disruption, my real risk grew bigger and bigger…….I just didn’t see it.

Real growth in life comes when you are ready to do things that totally scare you and force you to live the dream you always wanted. Starting a business and putting everything on the line will change you from being a fearful person to being a fearless innovator……if you let it change you for the good.

You know you want to do this. Decide today that you will not live in fear, but will do what you have been called to do.


Kevin Weir is a Licensed Business Coach with ActionCOACH Business Coaching helping small business owners be better at what they do; being the best business owner they can be. You can reach him through his website at


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