5D Analysis to Understand Target Group – By Er. Anil Guru

Firstly, each idea serves a specific market and it is important for the entrepreneur to know which market to serve. For example, a fairness cream may not be much use in Western countries with primarily Caucasian population; similarly, a tanning cream is of little use in Eastern tropical countries like India or Sri Lanka.

To understand your customer, you may have following 5D analysis

  1. (Definition) What is your customer based upon Demographic, Technological, Socio cultural, Economic, Political and Legal factors
  2. (Discovery) Discover the customer based upon 7 WH questions like When, what, how etc. e.g. How you can reach to your customers.
  3. (Dream) Who does your customer want to become? How you can support in their dreams. How new dreams can be initiated and utilized to unleash for realizing your venture’s dreams / mission?
  4. (Design) Do you understand your customer’s decision making process? For each product/market segment?
  5. (Destiny) What you want to achieve in a defined period. E.g. a sale of 1 million USD in 1 financial year by bringing 1000 customers to my platform.

The 5D Analysis is proprietary methodology of Er. Anil Guru i.e. the author of this blog post.

The identification of target group is very crucial as correct estimation of market size, business modelling, customer acquisition strategy etc will depend upon the degree of correctness and depth of understanding about your target customer / market.

About Author

Anil Kumar Gupta (AKA Er. Anil Guru) is a Business Empowerment Coach who supports ventures from Envisioning to Empowerment (E2E) by Inform, Instruct and Inspire (3Is) founders through sharing Insights, Intellect, Information and Ideas (4Is). He is An Electronics Instrumentation Engineer, Software Professional & Author.

He is technology entrepreneur and also helping over a dozens of startup ventures to succeed in their entrepreneurship journey.  In his able leadership role, Hexaview Technologies could touch the new horizons of growth and win accolades like Deloitte Fast 50 Tech Companies in India, NCCI Award of Excellence, 50 Cool startups of the year.

He is best known as 10X Growth Guru for providing 10X growth to Startups & Small entrepreneur along with mid-size companies too. A few dozens of ventures has been benefited through his start-up mentoring, product commercialization and growth strategies.


B.Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation), MCSE, ITIL, ISEB

High Accomplished Startup / Business Coach
Editor – NOLEGEIN Journal of Entrepreneurship Planning, Development and Management
Mentor for Change – Atal Innovation Mission, Niti Ayog
Ex Convener – PHD Diaspora Forum
Ex OFBJP Convener – Middle East Nations
Awarded like “Samaj Ka Gaurav” from a National level prestigious Vaish organization.
International Author, Speaker / Jury @ IITs, IIMs, Universities, Management Colleges and Business Platforms

He is instrumental in connecting Indian diaspora to motherland through various connects like socio-political, corporate or cultural connects. He has served current ruling party (BJP) as Convener – Middle East Nations in their foreign affairs wing. .

He has a vision to work with Govt bodies, Chambers of Commerce and corporate to connect Indian diaspora and promote collective growth in terms of monetary capital, social capital and knowledge capital.

Among his association with various business organizations his association with PHD Chamber of Commerce as Convener – PHD Diaspora Forum   worth mentioning here.

He is also a technology guru too. He has played crucial role in many country level innovative implementations in almost all the gulf countries and some of them got global recognition. Among his literary works, a technology book published from UK is worth mentioning here.

He is Father of Customization Quality in Dynamics AX ERP. He has been first person outside Microsoft to define, implement and evaluate quality standards for Dynamics AX customization project, which started trends of QA in ERPs.

Due to his zeal for bringing change in nation, he is appointed by NITI Ayog as Mentor for Change under its Atal Innovation Mission.

He has been considered an authority in Ideation, Product Designing, Business Modelling and Strategic Management.

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