Transformation Possibilities: Phoenix Rising From the Ashes.

Everyone has a story, and for most, it involves the trials of life that many share and relate to.

But for some, the tale can begin in realms that few can understand as they are so dark that one might assume they are devastating. But the life of Dr. Ava Eagle Brown demonstrates that your history does not define you but instead, empowers you, and all have the ability to lift themselves above through determination and love.

To understand Ava, you must comprehend the travesty of her childhood. Born into one of the most extreme poverty-stricken areas of Jamaica, she struggled to attend school while trying to balance working to put food on the table. For her, there was no true ‘childhood’, but instead a never-ending cycle of survival. Her missed school took its toll as she failed in Math and English, and yet still, inside, there was something that drove her so that she knew that she was meant for something greater.

A final turning point for Ava occurred in adolescence when she was assaulted with both incest and sexual abuse. These devastating conditions were compounded in her young adulthood when she was held at gunpoint. This was the moment that Ava took a stand that changed her life forever. Her escape not only validated her personal belief in self but saved her mental state. Now was the time to make a choice and Ava chose resilience as her driving force.

“Sometimes life will throw you down. However, you must find the willpower to pull yourself up above your circumstances.”

The intensity of her commitment to her inner voice led Ava to pursue her education. She knew that this single path would lead her in the directions that she was being led, and there was a fire burning inside that required that she answer her inner call. Her first MBA was from Newport University, California and then another MBA at the University of Wales. As she learned, she grew and expanded awareness and she added a Bachelor in Business Administration and a Diploma in Secondary Education from the University of the West Indies Mona, Jamaica.

Her life carried twists and turns, continuing her education while being a single mother is a difficult journey, but one that she embraced with a fervor like no other. For Ava, there was a method to the madness and she forged on with a single goal. Ava has authored several books including her own autobiography “Bamboo & Fern”, she was a contributing writer for a Caribbean magazine, she has her own column entitled ‘Avas Courtyard’, is an author for the education magazine, “Be Magazine” that was published in West Africa and for “The Children Hope Newspaper” on important topics such as “Hope for this Generation” and “Location and Education”. But this is just the beginning for Ava, she has also been featured in “The Financial Times”, “The Guardian”, “The Voice Newspaper” and “The Jamaican Gleaner”.

Ava has found her calling and in the discovery, she has lifted herself from the ashes and is in pursuit of constant sharing to assist others in their own transformation possibilities. She is the co-author of “Born For This: The Journey To Success in Life, Love, and Business” which is a tribute to all of those who have tried and failed as well as those who embraced something new and felt both the fear of failure and the exhilaration of success. Her foundation for this book is in the belief that failure is natural and normal and is designed as part of our life experiences. Failure gives us the ability to have a series of refining moments and is only an indicator that we are ‘not there yet’.

“You are an eagle, it depends on how high you soar”

One has to wonder how a poor girl from Jamaica, with statistics lined up against her, could not only reach out but achieve so much. For Ava, it is all about the belief in transformation possibilities. The achievements and accomplishments catapulted her into a realm of realization that her purpose was to be transformational for others. In this, she has become a mentor, coach, and motivational speaker.

Ava’s message to everyone has been one to encourage others in the pursuit of reaching their full potential so that they can tap into their greatness. She counsels others to use their own determination to break down barriers, regardless of background, culture or their past. There is a singular and powerful content to her rhetoric that inspires her clients to tackle their challenges and achieve their own success. To refer to Ava as a Trainer/Speaker/Author dwells on only the very beginning of her talents, hopes, and aspirations.

Giving Back Is Critical

Part of Ava’s life mantras is in the belief that giving back is not only part of our requirements but a responsibility that each of us holds within our hearts. Dr. Brown has become the official Ambassador For Evolve Housing + Support, a leading homeless charity in London that provides supportive housing for the homeless, working with 1,500 people every year. The humanitarian work that Dr. Brown contributes to extends her philosophy of transformation and possibilities to those that might never recognize their inner strength.

Dr. Ava Brown is a master coach and transformational speaker. She grew up in a very poor part of Jamaica, where she had to work hard as a little girl just to make enough for dinner. Today, our keynote speaker Ava Eagle Brown is an international coach who strives to help others reach new heights and discover their talents, passions and true purpose. She took control of her life and mindset, and she will teach you to do the same.

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