A Little Chunk of Time for Your Business

I’d love to say I’m a stickler for punctuality. I’m not. But nor are most of the people who I book appointments with over Zoom (video chat).

I’ve learnt to book appointments in my calendar and send them through to the other person. Not just enough to leave it to them to remember the time we’ve agreed.

“Just to keep myself organised, do you mind if I send you a calendar invite? Did you get it?”

Then the appointment time comes up, and they’re not there. Are they just running late? Have they forgotten the appointment? I’m based in Sydney and often have business coaching calls with people in the US. Have they (or I) got the time zone calculation wrong? I don’t know.

So I have to wait. Ready to be jumping into action any minute, or hear from them. Or not hear from them.

But I have to wait.

A whole chunk of free time … or maybe a small chunk. I don’t know. I can’t do anything but wait.

Wait! Yes I can!

I need a task that is going to valuable (not just surfing social media). And that is going to be something I can take up quickly, and drop at a moment’s notice … just in case they show up.

And it probably can’t involve my laptop … just in case I need to keep the Zoom call open.

So, what can I have ready?

  • Write out some killer advice my coach gave me (but I scratched in rough notes)
  • Write a checklist for onboarding coaching clients
  • Read a snippet of that Kindle book
  • Update my Bullet Journal
  • Learn a basic skill in that software that’s been holding me back
  • Write a list of bonuses I could create for my next service offering
  • Clean the whiteboard behind my chair
  • Draw a Venn diagram of a client’s top three superpowers (where they overlap is where my client belongs to an elite club of one)
  • Think of some wording for my next Call-To-Action button
  • Jot down topics and an outline for my next three blog posts
  • Write a log of the exact words that two prospective clients were using for… WAIT

He showed up.

“Anthony. I’m so sorry I kept you waiting.”

I’m Anthony English, a business coach who helps smart entrepreneurs feel a little less bad about not being “real” business people. Check my website.

Author: Anthony English

There is no magic wand for starting a business and being successful. This is the risk that can make starting a venture intimidating and risk can stop someone from progressing or even starting. By breaking down the process of starting and growing a business into simple steps, I give first timers the direction in which to go, so they don't get overwhelmed.

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