7 Reasons why Business Coaching is critical for Business Growth

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A Coach plays a pivotal role in the entire journey of the Business’s Success. This is the secret to success of renowned people in the areas of Business, Sports, Movies / Entertainment, Politics or even relationships. The Coach will bring out the best within you. Here are some of the many ways in which a coach can help your Business Grow:

1.    Success lies outside of the comfort zone

A great coach will push you outside of your comfort zone & enable you to explore facets of yourself that you have never tried to. A coach can help you overcome the fear of executing new experiments in business. You will get the confidence to drive a higher impact from your actions, that leads to the ultimate success of your business.

 2.    Focus & Clarity of thoughts

Energy flows in the direction where you focus. A coach will help you focus on the outcome that you’d like to have in your business. In the absence of clarity of thoughts, you will find it very challenging to deliver results. The tools and models will help you utilise your most crucial resource, time in the best possible way.

3.    Best Buddy, a trusted partner and Unbiased Feedback

As a Business Owner, there are situations which you are not able to confide in peers, family members or friends. The coach plays the role of a confidante, wherein you can share any information without hesitation. The coach acts as a partner who looks at the problems with a different view & helps you arrive at the optimum solutions. The coach will not hesitate to give honest feedback because the underlying intent is strong – bring out the best version of yourself.

4.    The Right Questions

A problem in any area of life is an unanswered question. A coach will facilitate discovery of the underlying objective, that the problem is indicative of. Starting with the problem, the coach will then help you with solutions that are cost effective, logical, realistic & feasible which you can implement right away in your business.

 5.    Broad Experience & New Perspectives

An ideal coach will have served across different types of business, different geographies & comes with credible experience. Hence, they have a viewpoint which is different from your peers, friends and family. This will drive business innovation and help the business improve constantly.

6.    Increase Revenues and Profitability

The ultimate goal of any Business is to increase revenues and profit margins. A good Business Coach will have tools and frameworks that will help set crystal clear goals, outline the strategy, define processes and optimize resources. This is the tangible contribution of a Coach in a Business.

7.    Psychology of the Business Owner

80% of Business Success (why to) is Psychology & 20% is the mechanics (how to). The Coach will enhance the confidence of the business owner & tune the psychology towards success. While the how to? is also important in a business, the coach will emphasize on the Why to? which is the key to the success of any business.

Lead your Business to its Ultimate Success much faster with a Business Coach.

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Author: Jeffrey Rakesh

I coach small & medium Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s who have the hunger for growth. Successful leaders turn dreams into reality through action. I serve clients who do not settle for anything less than what they can be or do by unleashing their fullest potential. Are you a Business Leader? Do you find yourself focusing on an area of business and suddenly there is something else that needs your attention & takes priority. Are you juggling between various functions of Sales, Finance, Marketing, People functions, Strategy, Innovation to grow your business? Do you feel that you are putting in a lot of efforts and the results are not proportionate? Well, It need not be that way. This is where my coaching comes in. I partner with you on your journey of growth by providing the appropriate tools & strategies to grow your business, in fact grow your business without your full time involvement in each function of the business. I focus on results !! My clients constantly tell me they experience a freedom they have never found before. They are now able to effectively utilise their time in growing the business and move away from routine transactional issues. The coaching model has helped them build good to great customer experiences and build a thriving business. With over 16 years in Domestic & International Business Development, Business Consulting & Coaching at senior levels, I learnt that there is a pattern in which businesses grow & become successful. I have travelled & worked with people across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, UAE for various assignments where I studied these patterns & implemented them. As a Peak Performance Strategist, I started my journey on a mission 6 years ago to provide these tools to everyone who needs to transform their businesses & create exponential growth. I have also been interviewed for a series “The Powerhouse within you” by a Television Channel.

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  1. Hi Jeffrey, great article.

    I have been coaching business for 6 years know and my greatest success happened while working with a coach. Most of us are great at what we do but not good at managing our business.


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