Pop Quiz, Monday with Alex Heiche

The Pop Quiz, Monday is a fun little exam that we love to give to savvy business owners. The examination is not a surprise after all since the interviewee already knew about the questions in advance. However, we can always pretend and have fun with the scenario of a young entrepreneur sitting in class nervously biting on their pencil. They are ready to take a pop quiz on a chapter that they were supposed to read the night before. Instead, they played Metroid all night on their SNES (Oops, this was me in high school). The real purpose of the pop quiz is that this is a fun way to introduce business tips from real-world experiences that you can not learn in a classroom. We want to thank our entrepreneur for being a good sport and volunteering their time to answer a few questions to help our community grow from their knowledge.

I want to introduce you to our guest today who will be taking our Pop Quiz Monday.

Can you please tell everyone your name?

Alex Heiche

Tell us about your business and what you do?

Sound Royalties is transforming the landscape of music financing, giving artists and musicians financial and creative freedom by offering specialty financing and access to cash based on future earnings.

I founded the company based on my deep appreciation for music and the people who create it. We believe in money for all music, and work to ensure that artists have funding options which also allow them to retain their copyrights.

My day-to-day involves being where the musicians are — at recording studios, awards shows, concerts, music festivals, songwriter camps and much more. This helps us stay in-tune to the industry’s latest trends and find the best ways to help creatives succeed.

Why did you want to become an entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur wasn’t something that I originally planned on, it just came naturally. I believe most successful entrepreneurs don’t start out trying to make money, rather, they want to solve a problem, and that was my motive.

What are the challenging aspects of running a business?

I think the most challenging aspect of running a business is growing it. It’s amazing to have an innovative idea. But getting it off the ground and helping the marketplace to understand your new idea can be challenging. It takes a solid team to help grow the business along each step of the way.

What do you love most about your job?

The ability to be a part of and to positively impact the music industry is what I love most about my job. Music is woven into the fabric of our lives. It’s with us every step of the way, to pump us up or even to console us. And I get to work in that space for a living.

How do you have fun at work (team building, pranks, etc..)?

We actually have a “fun committee” that is constantly having events and contests. From bringing in an omelette chef to ice cream socials and office Olympics, we strive to keep the office a fun place to work. We also have artists occasionally stop by and perform live for our staff. It’s an amazing experience to see the talent of the artists we work with first-hand. It reminds us of how lucky we are to help fund creativity in the music world.

What would one piece of advice that you give to a new business owner?

If you have an idea, figure out if you’re the right person to get if off the ground. If you are, chances are you will need other experts to then help you grow it.

Thank you for taking our pop quiz today. You get an A+ for effort. You can learn more about our interviewee and their business by visiting them on the web:

Website: https://www.soundroyalties.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/soundroyalties?lang=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soundroyalties/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexheiche/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sound-royalties/

Author: Ricky Singh, MBA

Editor of The Startup Growth.

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