Interview with Robert Taglianetti, Founder at Sleep6


The founder series explores the minds of business owners and their journey to make a difference in their industry. We interview these business founders to understand the life lessons that mold them into who they are today. We also learn more about their company, their products or services, how they are different from their competitors, and the problems that they are trying to solve for their customers. The information that these business owners provide to us helps inform other entrepreneurs who are looking to make an impact in the business world. We all can take these lessons and apply them to our entrepreneurial journey. We want to thank every business owner who volunteered their time to participate in these interviews and share their knowledge with the community.

Great to meet you. Thank you for doing the interview. We want to know more about your journey, early struggles, success, and some wisdom that we can pass on to others who are interested in walking your footsteps toward becoming an entrepreneur. We know that being an entrepreneur is not all glory and fame, but there are hard times too. We believe that others who are interested in being a business owner can gain insight from other business founders like yourself. Again, we want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule. Let’s get this interview started!

Let us start with some basic questions to learn more about who you are as a person.

Can you tell everyone your name, please?

My name is Robert Taglianetti

Tell me about your education?

Attended the University of Wisconsin Madison

Can you give an example of an early lesson in life that helped shaped who you are today?

I was driving back to college with my dad, his girlfriend was following behind us. It was weird, but I didn’t question it. About halfway up he told me to pull over. Within a few minutes he told me the gig was up, he would no longer help with my schooling, and he was selling our house. He jumped out of the car, got into his GF’s car and was gone. I was about 19, and from that day I decided I’d be the only one determining my future.

We all have entrepreneurs whom we look up to in our industry. These business leaders help influence, shape, and drive our ambition to succeed. These entrepreneurs could be someone that we have worked with on a project or could be someone that we look up too from a distance. For example, Bill Gates is a big inspiration to me not only because of his work in Microsoft but his outstanding contributions to society.

Who would you consider to be a significant influence on you professionally and can you explain why?

That’s an easy one; it’s Jeff Sherman owner of the Bedding Group. Jeff gave me my first job in the mattress industry, at that point all I knew about mattresses was I slept on one. He was committed to making the people around him feel vested and always encouraged independent thought. That has stuck with me, and I always try to practice that with the people I work with.

Thank you for providing a background on who you are as a person. I always find it fascinating to learn who a person is and their early life lessons. Let us move forward with the interview and discuss what you are doing now and how you are making a difference in your industry.

What is the name of your company?


Where is your company located?

We are located in Chicago, Il.

What services or products does your organization provide?

Sleep6 is a leader in providing “Better Sleep Products” that consist of mattresses, mattress protectors and pillows.

Photo credit: Robert Taglianetti

What problem is your business trying to solve?

Our focus is making sleep simple and the process of getting the products to do that easy.

How is your business unique against your competitors?

We took a mattress approach to the digital movement. While most of the competition focused on how cool it was to get a mattress in the mail, we focused on how cool it was to get a high end, well-crafted mattresses delivered.

How did the idea for your business come to fruition?

The concept of bed in a box had been around for some time, so the logistics aspect was already in place. I was able to utilize my existing suppliers for prototypes, build out the site and we were off to the races.

Where can people go on the web to learn more about your business?
Instagram @sleep6_

Final question. We want to thank you for the interview. We have one last question to ask you about imparting some wisdom to future entrepreneurs.

What three tips would you give to other entrepreneurs who are starting on their journey?

  1. Always work on Sundays, that’s when you’ll catch your break
  2. Be strong where your competition is weak
  3. Follow logic not emotions

Author: Ricky Singh, MBA

Editor of The Startup Growth.

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