How to Get Sponsors for Your Blog?

Sponsors on your website or blog come in different forms. They can be a sponsored post published on your site, or a social media campaign, or an advertisement for a company product. Sponsors are another means of income for your blog because they get to pay you monetary compensation if work with them and offer them what they want in your platform. If you gain the right sponsors, they can help your blog establish a good reputation in line with your chosen niche.

How to Get Sponsors for Your Blog?

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This problem is a common question in every bloggers’ journey. Moreover, getting sponsorship also measures your success in the online blogging platform. So, if you wish your blog to be as successful as others, we provided tips that can help you do just that. Below are some ways to get sponsors for your blog.

1. Look for new sponsors. Sponsors will not find you (unless your blog already established good traffic) if they do not know that you exist. However, if you only have a newer one, you can start by searching for blogs whose contents are similar with yours. Then see who advertises on their sites. Approach these companies saying that you’re open for sponsorship, and if they write you back, grab the opportunity. You can also write a blog post about your availability for sponsorships! This tactic is something most bloggers forget to do, when in fact, they can utilize their blogs to attract sponsors. However, you had to keep in mind that you only have to choose sponsor companies related to your niche. Also, please avoid your blog look spammy with a lot of sponsored contents. You can post non-sponsored materials from time to time.

2. Establish loyal followers. “Loyal followers” indicate those people who regularly visit your blog and read your content. They are the ones who are genuinely interested in your site. Loyal followers engage with your blog more, and they consume your materials frequently. However, your followers don’t have to be so many for your blog to be considered as successful. You have to have loyal followers for the sponsor companies to see your blog as possessing a good influence. In that way, they’ll feel more compelled to let you feature their products.

3. Create reading-worthy contents. This philosophy will serve as the lifeline of your blog. If your content is not good, not many followers will engage, and lesser potential sponsors will be attracted to your site. So, before you entirely focus your attention on seeking sponsors, you had to make sure that your blog is something that is worth their money. Also, when people visit your site and see your contents, they should tend to create an impression on their minds that your blogs are trustworthy.

4. Post consistently. Your consistency is a critical, essential factor that will make or break your blog. If you only post for like, once a week, expect that lower traffic will engage. However, if you post consistently, and you engage with your followers more often, then, your blog will attract more traffic, and maybe if fortunate enough, lots of potential sponsors will take notice of your site and would be willing to build a strong working relationship with you.

So now, you already found your perfect match (sponsor match!). What are you going to do to keep them and make it a long-term contract? MAKE THEIR TIME AND MONEY WORTH IT! You had to produce successful outputs. Every. Single. Time. You had to make them unregretful that they chose your blog as their advertisement platform. If they pay you $400 for a sponsored post, make it like it’s worth $500! Make your sponsors feel that you value your relationship with them and that you want what’s best, not only for your site but also for their company. They’ll more likely be compelled to give you additional projects. That’s an advantage on your part. It will not only make you gain higher blog traffic, but it will also make your site a potential platform for other sponsors. So of course, with the booming sponsorship, you’ll surely gain higher monetary income! Success is indeed on its way.

Author: Ricky Singh, MBA

Editor of The Startup Growth.

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