What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is nothing new in the marketing world. The concept was believed to have started some 70 years ago. Politicians and celebrities are known to possess the core essence of influencer marketing. They use this strategy to gain massive publicity from millions of people around the world. However, does this strategy limits only to politicians and celebrities? No. Definitely not.

As observed in our worldwide society, influencer marketing has bombarded the economy. Especially the business world. Brands nowadays are so keen on using influencer marketing to reach millions of people and to get their products known in the face of the earth. How do they do that? The brands use social media. Social media is nothing but a trend. Almost everyone owns and manage his or her social media accounts. Brands and business owners saw this, and they grabbed the opportunity to use it as something of a significant advantage in promoting their products. Thus, the rise of influencer marketing.

What is an Influencer?

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In the marketing world, an influencer may be an individual or even a business that holds power in influencing other people. They may be a public figure or a social media personality that have a large amount of following and fame. People look up to them because of common interest in a particular niche. These influencers became famous through social media. These people possess the power to cause a reaction in others around them, influencing them to do this and that. Marketers use them as instruments to influence the purchasing decisions of their target markets.

What is Marketing?

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According to Kotler and Armstrong, marketing “is the process by which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships in order to capture value from customers in return.”
It is a complicated mix that consists of different components. Moreover, one element is influencer marketing. This component conforms to the general goal of what marketing does.

Influencer Marketing Defined

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Influencer marketing is also known as buzz marketing. This component focus on using individuals or influencers to create general awareness of their target market. These individuals inform the public about a specific product or service.

Instead of directly marketing their items, marketers hire or collaborate with influencers and let them convey their message to the consumers.
Influencers were defined above, and It can be anyone who holds power and fame. Anyone from politicians to celebrities, to any public figure that can influence the general masses.

These people connect with their followers, and, the success of influencer marketing depends on how tight the relationship is between the influencer and their followers. Some followers tend to mimic and copy their idols. If they saw them wearing or using a particular product, they tend to react by purchasing the same product. Moreover, that’s what influencers marketing does. That’s what marketers want. A good relationship means a better influence.

Methods of Influencer Marketing

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If you’re a business or a brand owner, and you don’t know the mechanics of influencer marketing, let alone its meaning, then, you’re left behind. So it’s time for you to step up and operate more competitively. Below, are the steps on how to get started with influencer marketing.

1. Know your target market. Before choosing your influencer, you have to know your audience first. You have to learn what they want and what kind of individual might successfully influence them. That way, you’ll learn to relate your product to their needs and make it more attractive to them. In time, you’ll realize that it leaves a great impression on your targets and your products will even sell itself.

2. Know and select your Influencers. Now that you’re done with determining your target audience, you have to search your influencers carefully. How to do that? Google. Search for web pages and contact information and connect with them. Social media is also another platform where you can select your influencers. Look for someone whose niche relates to yours and whose following is excellent. You can choose from celebrities, to bloggers who create great contents and to any public figure who already build a strong relationship with their followers. Carefully evaluate their feed and check if they fit your products and if they can create higher engagement and make your product reach to a vast number of audiences.

3. Collaborate. One of the most significant parts of a successful influencer marketing is the creation of social media content. Almost all influencers own a social media component — from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, to Instagram, everyone goes social and tech savvy. So grab this opportunity! Collaborate with your influencers and let them convey the word on their social media channels. You can either create the content or let them do just that. What is important is how the content can generate more engagement from the target market. Thus, making sure the content is of a considerable element is vital. However, how can influencers make better contents featuring your product? Let them experience it. Give them samples and ask for their opinions. It can also help them evaluate your product or service firsthand, thus giving them more strong impressions that they can use in promoting your product or service.

The advantage of Influencer Marketing

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As time goes by, technology becomes more and more modernized. Using books, newspapers, televisions, and radios as means of an advertisement may be classified as outdated. Why? Technology makes online the new trend. You can now advertise anything on online platforms. So that’s how Influencer Marketing works. The advantage of it is its convenience and speed. Post your advertisement, and after 24/7, millions already viewed it.

Influencer marketing has been around from the past, but now, with the advent of social media, target reach has substantially increased. Thus, giving marketers valid reasons to utilize this strategy even more.

The involvement of famous personalities indeed has a more significant impact on your audience. They create deep impressions and make the product, even more, purchase worthy. Thanks to their content creation skills, buying influence has now become more natural, attractive, and mobilized.

Author: Ricky Singh, MBA

Editor of The Startup Growth.

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