Email Marketing Automation Tips that Will Drive Growth

Anyone who has adopted email marketing automation must supply leads to their customer to increase sales effectiveness and maximize marketing through email nurture journeys or email drip campaigns. We must continually reach our customers wherever they are and at the right time to lead them down to a sold column. Email marketing is the best in reaching out to customers. Although it’s a relatively low-cost method of contacting a customer, it demands resources and time. However, if we maximize the automation of the email marketing campaigns, then we will reduce the time and resources needed.

Then, how do we improve our email marketing automation to reach more to our customers and grow our sales?

Ensure that the subject line is always compelling.

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A subject line of the email’s nurture journey should focus on the customers themselves. This tactic avoids the chances of the customers ignoring or deleting the messages especially when the subject line does not address them. To ensure that the subject line snags the interests of your customers, on different subject lines do an A/B test, and the best should rise to the top. That is;

i. Do a split test. A/B -test multiple subject lines. This test should be two or more subject lines.

ii. In a scenario where you have a long subject list, on a subset that is randomized test different lines and sends the captivating line to the respite of the subject list.

iii. Measure the success and relevance of the subject lines by looking at the open rates.

iv. Also, since tastes and trends change with time, today’s winner will probably be tomorrow’s loser, and therefore you should always keep testing once in a while even after finding a subject line conqueror. This test is necessary, especially where there is a campaign that is long-running.

Ensure that your email content is relevant.

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For your emails to upsurge the other slew of emails received by your prospects, they should have great content. Content that is personal, compelling and highly relevant. Impressing your customers is vital. That is, specifically cater to their interests and create a sales experience that is personalized. This tactic can be achieved by rather than sending an email campaign to a whole lead list; you send it to the only customers it is relevant to by doing segmentation. To know that it is appropriate for the audience;

i. Test by writing forms of each email that are different. You can try different testimonial or different versions like sweet and short. You can even lead with a joke or give personal stories to understand what is preferred by your audience.

ii. Make sure you test a factor at a given particular time. It is not necessary to test different content and subject lines at the same time as you will not know that change that is driving results.

iii. Also, it is necessary to consider the use of dynamic content strategies that will send emails reliant on the action of a customer. If they, for example, view a video, an e-book is sent, or if they do not see the video, you send a reminder of the existence of the video.

iv. Take a keen guise at click-through rate data to determine whether customers are being compelled to take action by the email content. This analytic data will influence your steps towards the marketing automation campaign you adopt.

Ensure that it reaches the right people.

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It is important to consider what your prospects want. It is not useful to send them automated emails on kitchen room addition while they are interested in bathroom remodeling. Your email nurture journey should be relevant to tour prospects. It is vital too;

i. Segment your email lists depending on your company’s nature, gender, geographical location, age and more. You want to segment emails list with essential commonalities.

ii. Since the deeper, the segmentation, the more personal a message is, it’s important to personalize the email’s nurture journey according to the segmented audience.

iii. Re-arrange or consider creating a nurture journey to keep the current or the inactive customers.

Evaluate whether the drip campaign is working.

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The true testament to the value of tweaking every trait of your email nurture journey is the created conversions. Don’t ignore the prize your drip campaign has to your business.

i. It is worth to lose clicks and opens if you create an email nurture journey so that it appeals to the customer profiles that are most valuable. However, it’s important to note that click-through rates and open rates are not the ultimate metrics.

ii. To ultimately judge whether the email campaign is working, you should continually measure your conversion rates.

iii. Finally, it is crucial to create dynamic content, split different test factors in the email campaign and analyze the results.


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It is important to note that small improvements add up and therefore improving your email nurture journey by making minor tweaks obtains a slight percentage increase. Always think of your email nurture journey as a project that needs to be improved. You should brainstorm after which you create, experiment and analyze.

Author: Ricky Singh, MBA

Editor of The Startup Growth.

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