Facebook Marketing Tips for Beginners

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It will not be wrong to say that Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing platforms these days! Thanks to more than 1 million new users joining the Facebook community every day, it is one of the fastest growing online portals in the world.

The current market scenario is that if you want your business to have maximum customer outreach, you have to promote your business on Facebook! Therefore it becomes crucial for every budding entrepreneur who wants to do marketing on Facebook to learn these marketing tips that make a significant impact on their promotional strategies.

Create the “business page” for your venture:

When you are promoting a business, you need to create a “page” and the personal profile for your brand. The Facebook pages have specialized tools for various themes as per your business type for example- art and craft and construction.

One can use these unique tools clubbed with specific images to enhance the online presence and state the one of a kind marketing prowess of their business. People can like your page to get updates from you in their news feed which is not possible when you form a personal profile.

Get a perfect profile picture and cover photo:

“The first impression is the last impression”- keeping this quote in mind we suggest you create a lasting yet subtle impression on the users.

Your profile picture and the cover photo will give you the basic idea of what your followers or fans should see at first glance. Therefore, choose them wisely. You can use the brand logo as your profile picture or something that reflects your business standpoint.

Use a profile picture with high resolution so that your message can be passed loud and clear. Do not add readymade templates or frames on your profile picture as that diminishes the actual context of it.

For cover photo, you can try variants such as a brand slogan, brand pictures, latest developments in the business. The newest trend introduced by Facebook in cover photos is to upload cover videos as promotional content for your page.

Be very responsive to the messages

When you respond earnestly to the words of your fans and users, you can earn the badge of “very responsive to messages” or “responds early within 1 hour”. When people see that badge, they want to get connected with you as that creates the sense of “being attended to”! All you have to do is to reply to every message you receive in your inbox within a limited time frame and as fast as possible.

If you are quick at responding to messages, the frequency of your page’s latest updates and development in the news feed of the fans and followers of your page increases.

Do not post only the links

If you are a beginner, you must know that posting the links to your website or blog is not the only advisable content for Facebook promotions. To gain more followers for your Facebook business page, you need to experiment with your content. You can choose from a lot of free content, pictures, quotes of wisdom, quizzes that are available to engage the audience on your facebook page. It will draw more attention towards your work, and you will get an increased number of likes and follows.

Time your posts

Some of the Facebook algorithms are based on the timing of your posts, i.e., “when and how often” do you post the content!

When you have a schedule for your posts, for example, “every Saturday”- people look forward to your content. You will also have a strategy in place to deal with queries that come up regarding your new post. Choose that time post when your followers are most active on social media.

Keep an eye at the analytics

If you keep a regular check at the Facebook analytics, you will get a fair idea of following facts:
– which content is most liked and clicked upon
– which material has maximum viewers returning to it
– which content engages users for maximum time. 
The analytics give you an insight of customer demands and expectations. You can create repetitive content or strategy to promote if it works in favor of your blog.


Facebook is based on specific algorithms, if you get them right; your online market presence gets empowered. Therefore, keep following our Facebook Marketing tips and make a remarkable difference to your Facebook presence.

Author: Ricky Singh, MBA

Editor of The Startup Growth.

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