How to Grow Your Instagram Followers in 10 Days


With more than 800 million users and their endless engagement time, Instagram is the place to be for online campaigning of various businesses.

When the expert marketing teams plan to extend their outreach, they need a platform where maximum customers can be found at one place. And the popular social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have helped such businesses to flourish and change their market position with planned online campaigning through these channels.

We are talking about Instagram today because people are increasingly joining this social media platform and following various business programs to keep themselves updated with the market phenomenon.

We have got some infallible ideas for you to grow your Instagram followers that will help in taking your business to new levels:

Use new and less popular hashtags

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We often see people rigorously using hashtags to spread the word on Instagram. If you go on to use the common, highly used hashtags such as #outing, #mom, #friendship etc, you will probably end up being one among the millions of others. You need to get yourself noticed and applauded for increasing the number of followers for your business. What is needed here is some community-specific and targeted hashtags which are unique yet easily acceptable! There are free tools available online that help you in searching and choosing hashtags according to their search volume. Find out the most appropriate hashtags for your business which have not already become a fad.

Follow and Like people who belong to your Community

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As we mentioned about the hashtags, the requirement is to be community specific. For example, if you are selling diapers and baby products- only the segment of new mothers will be your prospective customers. There is no chance that the teenagers or college going youth will buy those products!

Therefore, we advise our readers to be community specific. It saves a lot of your time and efforts. Start following more people related to your community and like their photos often. Start commenting on at least 8–10 pictures in different accounts and try to mention about your product or service being direct or indirect. Give some genuine problem-solving advice to let people know the intellect associated with your business. It will help you to come in notice of a few users every time you comment and thus get some followers too. It also helps you to become more approachable and be findable in random searches.

Engage people through contests, quizzes, and polls

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People spend a lot of time on the online quizzes and contests. If you have some quirky idea for running a contest for your business, just go ahead. Even the simplest of the contests will draw thousands of followers if your approach is right. People like to test their abilities and get rewarded for their acumen. You can ask the participants to repost your pictures or posts and use your hashtags for a better outreach. The best part about such contests and quizzes is that you do not have to give away huge rewards. Something very simple such as a gift bag or online gift card will do the magic. You can even bag some sponsors to fund your contest if you want to make it a big scale promotion.

Tell your story through videos

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Although Instagram is a photo sharing platform, it evolves with the changing trends. These days’ people are telling their stories through videos and live streaming sessions. Many people are drawing huge following through their DIY and live counseling sessions which have instead become a trend. People hire trained videographers to shoot their stories and share them online.

Convert your story into a video and try to keep it crisp and entertaining. Trending videos are watched and shared more often. Use your brand icon in the video thoroughly. And do not forget to add “call to action” to tell the viewers to follow your account at the end of the video.

Link your Instagram account with other social media platforms

“An phone with the Facebook app open next to Scrabble pieces arranged in the words “social media”” by William Iven on Unsplash

Just like Instagram, most of the people and brands also exist at Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you already haven’t marked your presence there, it is the time to enter these platforms too. Link the accounts to each of your platforms so that you do not miss on the prospective buyers through any of these. Facebook supports various features of Instagram. If you interlink them, you can draw many followers from Facebook to your Instagram account.


Although it looks simple, when we get into the real business we realize that it is not “so easy” to be successful with social media. People do not follow you just because you exist. You need to be unique and creative with your content ideas to be followed by people. Use our advice and keep working hard- with time and patience you will see the desired results.

Author: Ricky Singh, MBA

Editor of The Startup Growth.

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